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Julianne James

Julianne James is a classic, and has the premiered films under her belt to show it. While only some of her content can be found online, Julianne James set a new self-standard with her Vivid videos.

Julianne James Movies

Brat Force

She was judge, jury, and executioner. And boy could she shop. Meet Julianne James.The one woman brat force. She had an incredible sense of justice. And an incredible sexual appetite. She'd bring a felon in by day and be in his cell by night. She hated the bad guys, but loved a good girl now and again. She never wore black. She always wore white. But she usually wore nothing. Brat Force. She's making the world safe for sex.

Army Brat #2

We know you love privates, so went all out with this one! Julianne James, The Perfect Brat, is back in action and this time the games are in the mud, under camouflage, and in any officer's quarters she can find! It's the smash sequel to last year's smash Jamie Summers hit, in which we totally jeopardize the security of the United States by sneaking into the ranks the horniest recruits this side of Camp Pendleton.

Beach Blanket Brat

You know those great beach movies of yesterday? This is nothing like them.

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