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100% Real San Francisco Dykes

Vivid TV Presents

No delicate lipstick lesbians for you! See real, hardcore bull dykes slamming hard dildos and tongues into pretty young things and badass bitches in this all muff diving and slit pounding film straight off of the filthy streets of San Francisco....


Expert Guide to Pegging

Vivid Ed Presents

Pegging (where women use strap-on dildos on their male partners) can open up a whole new world of erotic exploration for couples. In addition to the pleasure of anal sex and prostate stimulation, pegging can take your sex life to the next level with hands-free penetration, divers...


Rough Sex #3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind

Vivid Presents

Adrianna Nicole has a dangerous mind. It's full of dirty secrets, dark desires, and nasty fantasies, and she's sharing them. See if one person can satiate her oral fixation, why money is a strange bedfellow, how a mean Mistress takes her to the edge, what happens when four men gi...


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