Jessica Drake Movies

Inside the Mind of Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones is having some crazy dreams... All the while, she is wondering what they mean. So she looks for the answers with her shrink, telling him all about her fantasies about being drilled at the police station, three whores in a barn, being picked up by a hunky bartender and...


In Defense

Jewels are missing. Detectives are baffled. Chloe is horny. Can Chloe beat the rap? Or Is she gonna go down? The town's richest woman has been robbed. And police have their main suspect... Chloe. Through a series of flashbacks she recounts the people who may have been involved. I...



The story of a choice and an obsession. (Not necessarily in that order.) A man thinks he is making a choice between good and evil. Not realizing the choice has already been made for him. Vivid presents a Paul Thomas film...that may very well become your next Obsession. ...


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