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Jenna Haze

At only 92 pounds, Jena is one of the tiniest adult starts around. Jenna was a "good girl" until about junior high when she "discovered boys and sex." At the age of 18, her first boyfriend introduced her to another friend who ultimately got Jenna her first adult audition. Since that time Jenna has retired from the industry, returned three years later, has shot dozens of scorching performances and has even written a sex advice column for a pornographic magazine. Still actively involved in the industry, CNBC named Jenna as one of the 12 most popular stars in porn.

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And you thought Max was mad. In subterranean Los Angeles the porn industry is alive and well. There is no future and there is no past. People exist in a timeless world, driven by the necessity to fulfill the essential needs of human condition. Without the burden of shame or the weight of self consciousness. They live as free men and women, left to their own designs in the purest embodiment of lust. Industry. A world without form. Devoid of thought, a primordial, sexual paradise.

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