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Jamie Brooks

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Janines Been Blackmaled

Janine likes her men well behaved, very well behaved. Wash her panties, paint her toenails, cook her dinner, lick her asshole and shut the hell up. So what if Julian has a pricate dick follow her every move? Let him find out how she fucks half the neighborhood when he is away at work. The pain just adds to the pleasure.

No No Briana

Welcome to Domination Nation. The story of a woman on top. Briana is tired of all the rough sex on set. So she sets out to teach the male talent how to be hard and soft, all at the same time. No, No Briana. A whole new brand of tough love. Only from Vivid.


Art imitates life. At 24 frames per second. Vivid's bad girl Savanna!!! After his girlfriend leaves him, Bob decides to make a movie about their relationship, in hopes of making some sense of it all. In the process he falls in love all over again... with the actress who plays his girlfriend!!! Ultimately she is harder to love than his ex ever was, and at the premiere, she agrees. And in classic Hollywood style, she falls in love with him all over again!!! Paul Thomas' Jaded... take one.

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