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Action Sports Sex #9

Cuntfucious Say: These Girls can really take a punch… in the ass!

Rolling Thunder

Racquel's a straight laced girl who longs for life on the wild side. So she finds a roughneck in a biker bar. And gets down with him and his girl. And then she makes the mistake of marrying a workaholic who provides everything but pleasure. Can anyone or anything change her dreary existence? Well, if there's a will and an open stool, Nikki and Felecia will show her the way. Join a cast of superstars in Rolling Thunder.

Body Language

When Nan is shut out from sex by her unappreciative husband Ted, she starts having the strangest fantasies! Throw a detective, a judge, a realtor, and a couple of mannequins into the mix and you have the wackiest adult film to come down the 'pike in years!

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