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Before I wake

Mercedez is an underground photographer living in Silverlake. She specializes in portraits of her one-night stands, captured as she prefers to remember them: sleeping. Then she meets Robert, her artistic match. Is he worth putting down the camera for? Is a lifetime with one better than a night of a lifetime? Watch David Stanley's Before I Wake. And watch what develops.

The Contestants

A strange man is holding a contest for his own perverse amusement. The six "contestants" are trapped in a warehouse with a genetically devised monster for an entire weekend. The couple that makes it out alive will win the prize. But they have to endure living in a freight elevator shaft, a garage and a dungeon. David Stanley presents The Contestants. A reality show where ALL players get screwed.

Cinema Obscura

Leo is a director...who no longer has it in him to make personal movies like he used to. He's desperately in need of a muse, and he finds one, in the form of Debra, a beautiful journalist. This is their story. and just as importantly, this is the introduction of beautiful Malezia...a muse if we ever did see one. Go ahead...amuse yourself. With Cinema Obscura, only from Vivid.

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