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Heather Hunter

Heather is a delightful light-skinned African-American starlet who was born on October 1st, 1969, in the heart of New York. Before heading west and staking her claim on the Los Angeles porn scene, Heather churned out a few low-budget sex films for various East Coast companies. Heather Hunter's first film was shot on her 18th birthday in 1988. Besides the many movies you may have seen her in, you may have also seen her in Tu Pac's music video for "How Do You Want It", Spike Lee's motion picture "He Got Game" or when she was a featured dancer on the TV series "Soul Train". Any way you look at it, Heather Hunter's undeniable sex appeal and erotic flair will keep you coming back for more. Heather's hobbies include reading books, playing pool, listening to music, painting, and masturbating. Some of her favorite things include Thai food, champaign, gold, Jaguar cars, and actor Peter North. Her fantasy is to make love on a plane.

Heather Hunter Movies

Where the Boys Aren't #3

Six horny former showgirls stranded after their boat capsizes off the coast of who-knows-where. We call it "Shipwrecked Showgirls." You'll call it Tori Welles, Jamie Summers and Heather Hunter naked on your TV. But that's okay. These art films are meant for personal interpretation. Enjoy.

A Cameo Appearance

We confess. We've been harboring a secret fantasy for a long, long time. Her name is Cameo. And the secret is out.

Fashion Plate

John is working for an unscrupulous photographer by the name of Brett who uses his skills to seduce unsuspecting young models. In walks Pam convinced the ladder to success starts in Brett's bedroom. That is until Josh sends her explicit photos to Brett's most cautious client. Brett loses said account. Josh picks it up and Pam gets the mainstream spread she always dreamed of. Join us in the triumphant return of a superstar. Heather Hunter in Wave's Fashion Plate. The new fashion statement from the lens of Toni English.

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