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Its about fast girls with little black books. It's about chance encounters and mistaken identities. It's about 90 minutes. With Savannah. Nuff said? ...


Rayne Storm

How do you top Fantasy In Blue? Take April Rayne- add 8 superstars, three ice cubes, one tube baby oil, and one Mighty Max, batteries included. It's true. Eight superstars get it on in AVN - acclaimed Nancy Nemo's opus to weirdness "Rayne Storm." But not before insatiable April g...


Christy In The Wild

A story involving three hot friends who pick up a mystery man hitchhiker who transports their lives to another place. Come on, hasn't that happened to you? presents Christy In The Wild. With Racquel Darrian and Kelly O'Dell as the friends! So pull up a log and enjoy the fire. Th...


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