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Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn is one of those very few actresses in porn who cannot be praised enough for her work and general presence in adult entertainment. Since she first started showing off her legendary talents in the early eighties, she has made her mark in porn like no other, with a series of videos and feature films which show off her blonde bombshell body as well as her immense sexual talents. Ginger Lynn first flurished on the screen in the early eighties with a petite, perfectly proportioned body that was in sharp contrast to the more "common" look of the less glamorous women from the seventies. Even Howard Stern himself, who is not inexperienced when it comes to flirting with some very sexy strippers, porn actresses, mainstream models and general groupies, could not help but go "ga-ga" over Ginger Lynn in his book Private Parts: "She had one of the most incredible bodies I had ever seen! It was a real turn-on!"

Vivid Video has been known for the studio's amazing "Vivid Girls" and couple-oriented sex filmed in 35 millimeter productions. However, early videos presented their very first super starlet in features which never skimped on the hardcore. Ginger On The Rocks features one of the best box cover designs ever made, and naturally, our lovely Lynn lady is the one under the spotlight. It features an excellent segment with the human beer can himself, Peter North, and fans of eighties will enjoy seeing Ginger in her "Let's Get Physical" hair style (but come to think of it, more than one reviewer has pointed out how Ginger could pass for the younger sister of Olivia Newton John) and Jennifer Beals-fitted leg warmers.

And who can forget Blame It On Ginger, as it contains what is recognized as one of the hottest lesbian encounters ever captured on magnetic tape (which is now forever preserved in the digital medium). The legendary Barbara Dare, best known for her "uh-huh!" orgasmic squeals, and Ginger Lynn attack each other in a clash of the titans Sapphic session.

Ginger Lynn Movies

Ginger Effect

Ginger Lynn stars as a psychic, whose friends come over for some fun with Ginger's crystal ball. Body possession and sexual encounters soon follow. The acting is pretty bad; especially during the body-possessing scenes. There is also an incredible solo scene involving Terry Lynn and her ejaculate. Something that was rarely shot in those days. Recommended for a few (unintentional) laughs and some good sex. Also starring Kristara Barrington and Cara Lott.

Club Ginger

If You want her, Join the club. You watch her movies. You stare at her picture in magazines. You want her. You idolize her. Ginger. The most beautiful lady in DVD. Now, the story of her fan club. Club Ginger. Where the barrier between fan and idol is stripped away. Leaving nothing but you and her, and all the fantasies you always had.

Blame It on Ginger

Vacations. Stepfathers. Daughters. Friends. Long Nights. Hot Days. And Everyone in between.

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