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Gail Force

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Bringing Up Brat

Yes, you can go home again. But first have your nails done. In this third installment of the Brat series, lovely Jamie leaves Morton once again, and goes back to the house she grew up in. Only now, there's a stepfather, stepbrothers and sisters, a whole houseful of kids. And all those bedrooms... Going home to mother was never like this.

Army Brat

Jamie was bored. Again. Then one day she flipped and saw all the fun Goldie was having in that cute green uniform. And that's all it took. The Brat decided once and for all to be all that she could be. So she found a the Army. After thoughtfully visiting many of the weary servicemen at their lonely bedsides, Jamie becomes caught in a tangled web of international intrigue and sexual espionage. But ultimately, she finds herself. In a cot.

Charmed Forces

All Gail and Nicki wanted was a new place to live. Little did they know the neighbors would welcome them so warmly. Little did they know the Neighborhood Watch Program was about to open windows and binoculars. And little did the neighborhood know just who they were up against. Gail. Nicki. Next time you need to borrow sugar- one of them will be right over.

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