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Faye Reagan

Faye is a freckled, cute, slender redhead stunner who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She immediately jumped into the X-rated fare at age 19. She did fice sex scenes in a single day for a porno in the past and was nominated for multiple AVN Awards for Best Oral Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene for her impressive work in this particular film. She also says she has a love for cats. Faye does not perform anal sex on screen.

Faye Reagan Movies

The Condemned

Vengeance is a bitch. Jesse is a fighter who is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned building where she is indoctrinated into a group of female vigilantes who exact a brutal justice on men who commit crimes against women and get away with it. Jesse is reluctant to join them, but eventually she sees the wisdom in their ways...until the day their next victim is Jesse's last love. And then Jesse must make the ultimate choice...between love and lust, and crime and punishment. B. Skow has created a masterwork that has been labeled a "modern classic." With no less than 11 sex scenes, four anals, a DP, and two of the hottest Vivid girls to ever grace an adult camera. If you see only one movie this year, make it The Condemned, B. Skow's redefining of the Vivid Big Event.


Boo... who doesn't love-em? In this Danny Disco event, Vivid brings you a cast of lovely ladies all with natural boobs. Danny has picked out all different shapes and sizes for the boob connoisseur to enjoy as well as captured the true essence of each of the lovely ladies. This DVD is packed with top-notch ladies that can really display their assets. After watching this DVD, you’ll want to have a squeeze as well.

Tres Flores

A rough guide to your twilight garden of nightblooming flowers. Are you tired of working on your garden? Only to be at work when your flowers are blooming... now you can enjoy nightblooming flowers.

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