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Sexy Young Thing

Announcing the return of Cassidey. Her boy/girl comeback! A Paul Thomas high definition video. Paul Thomas presents "Sexy Young Thing", the return of Cassidey in her first boy/girl role in years! And guess what... she's so excited to be back, she SQUIRTS! In this scorching hot, n...


Any Dorm In A Storm

Down on her luck, erotica writer Kira takes a job managing the Hollywood hostel. Little did she know that each room here tells a story - each room a different venue for sexual escapades. And Kira just might meet more than she can handle from one mysterious guest who comes to her ...



Presenting the story of Jonathan, the man who re-invents women. He teaches them how to dress, how to act, how to look and how to be as sensual as sensually possible. Yes, he is a Svengali of sorts. Until he meets his match: Marlee. Already perfect. Perhaps even more perfect than ...


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