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Crystal Breeze

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Party House

Fish looses his mortgage money in a poker game and is forced to rent out his house to porno producers to get himself even again. Big mistake. After the end of the third day of shooting. Fish's house is upside down, his roomate's girlfriend is in scene two, and the Neighborhood. Watch is writing Washington. Is it The Toni English Story or House Party, a new Jenteal film from Wave? We'll let you decide.

Born Bad

Jenteal is a seemingly innocent girl who is really a scheming, conniving, manipulative sonofabitch. Sound like any ex-wives you know? Welcome to the Toni English's Born Bad.

The Heist

It's about burglars and prostitutes and brothels and theives. And one bombshell. It's about Julia Ann, in her final adult role, as an outlaw performing one last heist with one last gang. If it can only go well, she can retire. But this is the business of adult, and things only go well under the covers... presents the swan song of a blonde superstar, Julia Ann, with beautiful Ariel Daye, Jill Kelly, Missy and gorgeous Crystal Breeze as her supporting cast. The Heist. A landmark tape. Illegal in some states.

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