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Christian Parker

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Sex Asylum #4

Christy Canyon reprises her smash hit role in Sex Asylum with a return engagement as the nurse who caused a fever that hasn't let up in five years. Sex Asylum 4. With an all-star cast that'll blow the ball of your thermometer. And of course, with the biggest star in adult. Christy. Turn on your VCR. And let the examination begin.

Blue Fox

There's nothing like a woman in tails. What do women want? Romance? Passion? Do they want to be spanked? Or kissed then spanked? Or spanked then taken shopping? Kelly Blue asks the question and offers the answers in Vivid's latest foray into fantasy- into the very pink imagination of Ms. Blue. Do Aussie ladies love American accents? Is the modern day Oriental woman still subservient? Is Subservient too big a word for an adult movie flier? Enough already. Move your tail. Watch Blue Fox.

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