Christi Lake Movies

Fashion Plate

John is working for an unscrupulous photographer by the name of Brett who uses his skills to seduce unsuspecting young models. In walks Pam convinced the ladder to success starts in Brett's bedroom. That is until Josh sends her explicit photos to Brett's most cautious client. Bre...



Go ahead. Rummage around...She sells the yard!!! Kody is having a garage sale. And the pants are the first things to go. But every item has a special memory. Even if it has batteries and vibrates!!! Rent this'd be a bargain at half the price!!!...


Jenteal Loves Rocco

Rocco is a high-priced gigolo; Jenteal, a high-priced call girl. They meet in the service of a wealthy couple--the same couple. When Rocco leaves, the couple report an expensive necklace missing. He's been framed...and the only one who can prove it is Jenteal. But she's back on t...


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