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This pretty brunette babe has alluring bedroom eyes, but don't be fooled by her innocent looks: she's a purebred sex machine! She originally got her start in the XXX biz - May of 1995 - in her words, "So I could pay the rent". But she has since grown to love the industry and enjoys finding new ways to get off. (A childhood accident left her with no nerves in her clitoris, so for her, getting off is a little more of a challenge.) She loves anal sex and the bigger the stud, the better. She's a Southern California native who's been sober for over half of her adult career and says that life is much better since she gave up the partying. She now enjoys eating more healthfully and working out when she's not at home and hanging out with her pet, a sleek black cat. Chloe says she's a very open-minded person and is grateful that her family has been supportive of her career choice, noting that her mom has been especially great. Although Chloe was a ballet dancer for 12 years, she doesn't have any plans to perform on the road as a feature, at least not for now. She's excited about the future and has recently signed a record deal with Glass Notes, an east coast record studio.

Chloe Movies

Broad Strokes

Broad Strokes is a tale about Wally, a struggling journalist who rents an apartment from a bawdy sex illustrator named Rachel. But the deal is, during the week she gets to use the apartment as a studio for her art. The studio is locked; models are in and out all week. Wally's girlfriend Paula is suspicious and busts in on one of Rachel's "private sessions", where she's mistaken for a late arriving model and quickly ball-gagged and bondage-tied. Will Wally be shocked... or intrigued? Will his girlfriend be able to restrain herself? Find out what unravels one stroke at a time.

Figg's Fantasy

Sexual fantasies are a big part of Bob Figgs day. But Bob's dreams have taken on a life of their own and he finds that satisfying his lust might be more than he wished for. When his wife starts to suspect, the fact and fiction slide together in an orgy of fantasies that leave Bob wondering if he's dreaming, or just plain lucky.

Love 'em Or Leave 'em

When Bucky and Amanda suffer a "cooling off" of their relationship, they each decide to date another party, and see if it takes. The unusual thing is they do it on a game show called "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em", and they make their decision in front of millions of viewers. Will they stay or will they go, or will they just take their third parties and party till they're sore? The tale is on the tape.

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