Cheyne Collins Movies

The Bad Luck Betties

In Downtown LA, Trouble Comes In High Heels When four aspiring starlets find themselves in the seedy underbelly of show business, their dreams of stardom turn into a living hell. Once deemed "damaged goods", they end up fending for themselves in the margins of society. Now har...



Andy, a spoiled, womanizing, self-centered guy, is left his uncle's fortune; with the stipulation that he marries and takes care of Peaches, the uncle's young mistress. Andy rebels, and refuses to marry his uncle's bimbo. Peaches also rebels. She's heard enough about Andy to know...



Amanda is feeling something strange down below; It's as if she's having sex with a ghost. An apparition is having his way with her! Eventually she realizes it's her next door neighbor who's been pulling the sheet over her eyes. But fear not. The real trick is in the treat....


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