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Cheyenne Silver

There is MUCH more to Cheyenne than meets the eye, even if what meets the eye is spectacular. With that long chestnut hair billowing around her slender figure and those enormous hazel eyes, Cheyenne looks innocent and vulnerable. Cheyenne Silver is a sleek sexual animal. In front of the camera she positively radiates heat, and she happily admits she really enjoys her work. Away from the bright lights, Cheyenne is still an amazing and unusual lady. Her favorite pastimes are outdoor-type activities like hiking and camping, and her favorite food is something she caught and prepared herself! You're likely to find her racing off on the back of one of her horses, or you might catch her wave-running at the beach. On those rare occasions you do find her indoors, she might be listening to country music or contemplating her next Native American ceremony. In time she hopes to combine her love of nature, horses and Native American culture into a guest ranch where people (especially children) could get away and recharge. But Cheyenne assures us that we'll be able to see her sensational face and form in future films for at least the next couple of years, and that's good news no matter how you look at it.

Cheyenne Silver Movies

Love 'em Or Leave 'em

When Bucky and Amanda suffer a "cooling off" of their relationship, they each decide to date another party, and see if it takes. The unusual thing is they do it on a game show called "Love 'Em or Leave 'Em", and they make their decision in front of millions of viewers. Will they stay or will they go, or will they just take their third parties and party till they're sore? The tale is on the tape.

Figg's Fantasy

Sexual fantasies are a big part of Bob Figgs day. But Bob's dreams have taken on a life of their own and he finds that satisfying his lust might be more than he wished for. When his wife starts to suspect, the fact and fiction slide together in an orgy of fantasies that leave Bob wondering if he's dreaming, or just plain lucky.


Joy is sick and tired of her strict home life. One night while her parents are out, she makes some plans of her own. Stealing dad's sedan, partying with forbidden friends, Joyride is a stark pictures of youth gone bad in this sexy tale of repression...released!

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