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Stardust 6

There's more trouble in paradise for honey potts, Bubba and Poa, as their bright lights and big city existence is threatened by UFO's! What do the little gray men want? Their bodies? Their Brains? Or their big parts in Bad B-Movies? Only time will tell. In the mean time, enjoy the continuing adventures of the stardust gang, as the masterful director Michael Zen brings beautiful Brittany Andrews into the mix! It's stardust 6, the wildest episode in the wackiest series in adult.. Beam me up, slutty!

Stardust #3

The Continuing adventures of a stripper named Honey Potts, a club owner named Bubba, a sultry dick named Martha Harry, a nasty sister named Pepper Lee, and Master director Michael Zen, who has just built DVD's most exciting continuing sex opera.

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