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Chaz Vincent

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Voices in My Bed

Realities director Layne Parker takes Ashlyn Gere's actual sentiments, actual thoughts, and to-the-limit fantasies, and makes them a separate reality. There's six sex scenes. A double-anal. Three ways. An orgy. A swing. And every act you could never imagine. But Ashlyn Gere could. Watch Voices In My Bed. If you've got a dirty mind, it will speak to you.


Girl wakes up with a strange feeling in her hand. This hand has a mind of it's own. Stand by for the ultimate handjob.

Charmed Again

It's been two years and boy do I want it ... Remember me? Nikki Charm. The little blonde that loved to play with boys? Well I'm playing again. With boys- girls and any combination you can think of. I've never been hornier and they tell me it shows on screen. So if I ever charmed the pants off you before- just watch Charmed Again. And when you're pants are off- you'll be saying the same thing ... Charmed Again!

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