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Bent-nose LaSalle is a gangster feared by everyone--except his brazen girlfriend Blaze. When he hires two thugs, Tony and Vinny to watch over his redhaired flame, she takes them on one unforgettable ride they won't soon forget. Adult's Award-winning film makers Armstrong and Stee...



Is she a captive or a diplomat? And why the unrelenting interrogation? What is she supposed to know--and why? Why is there a lewd striptease going on at her door? And if it's a jail, why is there no warden? And where do the two-way mirrors lead anyway? Believe nothing. Trust no o...


Scenes From A Bar

It started in a bar and ended in a bar. On one wild, weird Halloween night. Flirtations, sex games, marriages in turmoil...Bring a mask, if you will...but there's no disguising the truth. ...


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