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Brooke Ashley

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Voices in My Bed

Realities director Layne Parker takes Ashlyn Gere's actual sentiments, actual thoughts, and to-the-limit fantasies, and makes them a separate reality. There's six sex scenes. A double-anal. Three ways. An orgy. A swing. And every act you could never imagine. But Ashlyn Gere could. Watch Voices In My Bed. If you've got a dirty mind, it will speak to you.

A Geisha's Secrets

While attending college in Japan, beautiful Asian/American Kacha feels her ancestry is beckoning her to a life as a Geisha. Sumi, the madam of a "chodori," which trains geishas is anxious to teach the beautiful Kacha the way of the lutus. And after a series of incredibly erotic Asian love awakenings, Kacha must make a critical decision: to continue life in the chodori, or return to her traditional Western ways.

Kobe's Tie

She dropped her tie. He picked it up. And had to make love to the neck it came from. Your basic man meets tie story? Not hardly...

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