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Bobby Vitale

Bobby Vitale Movies

Night Stick

Max and Maxine are on their honeymoon, when Maxine develops a case of amnesia, and can't quite remember being married. Max tells a tale of a lustful weekend in Vegas that leads to a quick marriage. Suddenly Maxine begins to remember of all things a store robbery. An assault on a police officer, and a suspicious husband. How does it turn out? Press play and find out!

Blonde and Blonder

It's Briana Banks leading the way as the hottest blondes in porn try to out nasty each other in scene after scene after scene. If you like your bangs light and your banging heavy duty, check out Vivid's Blonde and Blonder!


Amanda is feeling something strange down below; It's as if she's having sex with a ghost. An apparition is having his way with her! Eventually she realizes it's her next door neighbor who's been pulling the sheet over her eyes. But fear not. The real trick is in the treat.

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