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Blair Segal

Blair Segal Movies

Nice Guys Finish last

Her mind was like the road... Dark and twisted... With a few dangerous curves along the way A dark, lonely highway. A mysterious stranger. And a brush with death. It's all part of the transformation of Raylene, in award-winning director Ren Savant's latest... a road trip and a mind trip...all in one.

The Prisoner

Welcome to the prison of 3001. If you're good, your days are filled with sex. If you're bad, your days are a nightmare. If you're good and bad, you're Kira. No morals. No key. Don't miss this great new feature from Vivid!

Snap Shot

A photographer becomes infatuated with a beautiful prostitute, played by Dasha, after seeing her with a client through her bedroom window. When she is mysteriously murdered and a powerful new computer chip comes into his possession his life is turned upside down. Directed by award winning Ren Savant of 7 Deadly Sins fame.

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