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Barbara Dare

Barbara Dare is a tiny, slim - but sexy and ravishing - brunette knockout who was born on February 23, 1963 in Wayne, New Jersey. Barbara first got involved with the adult film industry in the mid 80s because of her wild and uninhibited anything-goes lifestyle at the legendary New York City swinger's club Plato's Retreat. Barbara Dare became one of the first porn actresses to sign an exclusive contract with a production company, and has appeared in well over 100 explicit hardcore features.

Barbara Dare Movies

Where the Boys Aren't

It's all girls. It's bring-your-own-pajamas. It's the wettest, wildest slumber, bumper, rockin', rollin' party on record. And even if you weren't invited, you can always drop in.

Where the Boys Aren't #2

Imagine this: Five showgirls shipwrecked with only each other for companionship. For warmth. For pleasure. No men. No skipper. No Gilligan. And of course, no Ginger, since she's making regular movies. Wait a minute. Stop. Why are you imagining this? Rent this tape. And see what happens.

Behind Closed Doors

In this story, Barbara attempts to leave her lusty past and find her future in Smalltown, America. Until someone discovers her deep, dark secret, the secret with an "X".

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