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Asia Carrera

Although Asian women have made their presence well-known in American adult entertainment, only Asia Carrera has generated such immense popularity that she has become a recognized name and face in the mainstream.

And of course, her appeal isn't just limited to the so-called "yellow fever" or "exotic pussy" of Asian porn. Standing tall at 5' 8, this raven-haired beauty has appeared in some of the biggest and most popular productions of blue cinema.

Born on August 6, 1973, Asia was raised by a Japanese father and a German mother in a strict household. The oldest of two brothers and a sister, she is close to her siblings despite a difficult childhood and family life. Fortunately, she enjoys her successful career in adult entertainment and declares "I'm happier than I've ever been in my life..."

Deriving her alias from Tia Carrera (who enjoyed success in the Wayne's World movies and in True Lies), Asia is actually an anomaly in the porn world: a woman who is every bit as intelligent as she is beautiful. She attended Rutgers University with a double major in Business Administration and Japanese, before beginning her very successful porn career in 1993. Besides her sexual prowess, Asia possesses other talents especially in the musical arts.

Asia also has "nerdier" side to her sexy self, as an admitted video game enthusiast, a stock market player and an internet user. In fact, "Asia Carrera's Buttkicking Homepage" at is just about all a fan could want in website devoted to their favorite porn star.

Asia Carrera Movies

Figg's Fantasy

Sexual fantasies are a big part of Bob Figgs day. But Bob's dreams have taken on a life of their own and he finds that satisfying his lust might be more than he wished for. When his wife starts to suspect, the fact and fiction slide together in an orgy of fantasies that leave Bob wondering if he's dreaming, or just plain lucky.


Welcome to Scrue, the Paul Thomas filmic ode to the games lovers play. With the beautiful Chasey Lain, sexy newcomer Jill Kelly, smoldering Shelby Stevens, hot blonde Roxanne Hall and the stunning Asia Carerra as the characters surrounding this mystery of love. What's not a mystery is the heat of the competition. So pull up your chair for a hotly contested game of Scrue. Where every girl's a plum..everyone cuts the mustard's, and the word "spinner" takes on a whole new meaning.


Are you Aroused? Ashlyn comes home from a cocktail party and begins to fantasize about all the hot revelers that crossed her path. One of them, Buck Adams, shows up at her doorstep to share a fantasy -- and her bedroom ...together, they fantasize about magazine models, who mysteriously come to life and have sex as well. But alas, Buck must bring Ashlyn back to reality, as he reminds her never to lose herself in fantasy. You have no such restriction. Now get lost in Vivid's Aroused. A Bud Lee Joint. Look for other exciting movies featuring Ashlyn Gere.

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