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Ashlyn Gere

Born on September 14, 1959, Ashlyn's entry into the world of adult was that of a mature and very sensual woman in her early thirties. When you compare the cold, clinical performances of some the barely legal babes of today to that of Ashlyn's work throughout her career, there is no doubt that it takes a real woman of Ashlyn's charisma to show the girls how it's done! It was Ashlyn's sparkling eyes, shining smile and very curvy body which caught our attention on the cover of Secrets.

Upon taking the adult industry by storm during the nineties, Ashlyn Gere quickly became one of those rare breed of adult actresses: a woman who lives up to her super-starlet hype and then some. At 5' 3" tall, Ashlyn's tanned, tight form is a series of bumps and curves which make seeing her in all-out fucking action a pure delight. When she's in action, Gere flashes a sultry look, gritting her teeth and gasping with breathless anticipation.

Ashlyn Gere Movies

Paper Tiger

Catch a tiger by the tail.


Are you Aroused? Ashlyn comes home from a cocktail party and begins to fantasize about all the hot revelers that crossed her path. One of them, Buck Adams, shows up at her doorstep to share a fantasy -- and her bedroom ...together, they fantasize about magazine models, who mysteriously come to life and have sex as well. But alas, Buck must bring Ashlyn back to reality, as he reminds her never to lose herself in fantasy. You have no such restriction. Now get lost in Vivid's Aroused. A Bud Lee Joint. Look for other exciting movies featuring Ashlyn Gere.

Animal Instinct

Ashlyn and Steve are phone sex buddies. And like a lot of phone sex buddies, things change when they meet. Animal urges come out. Animal instincts take hold. And as the viewer, you take hold too. Welcome to Judy Blue's awesome aural obsession, Animal Instinct. Where the tiger in Ashlyn comes out in the strangest places. On a phone. In your ear. And in your face. Animal Instinct.

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