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Ana Nova

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City Sex

Paul Thomas presents a two tales of one city. "Gigolo" tells the story of two successful women and the man-whores who service them. Lanny Barby and her nasty Canadian girlfriend are too sexy for themselves. They treat the man-gina's who cook, clean, and fuck them as dogs under their feet. And when it's time for bed, that kind of domination can get very kinky. In "Dead Dad's Wife," our hero comforts his newly widowed, young stepmother. Through her grief and loneliness she opens her heart... and her legs... to her stepson. But when she begs him to do her like Dad did, it's too fucking weird and he is outta there. Paul Thomas' City Sex... you'll watch it once for the three-ways. And again for the two stories.

Ticket To Ride

Girls at every turn!!! Briana is an attraction you'll want to ride again and again!!! Step right up and don't be shy, because you will not believe your eyes. Chi Chi La Rue has come up with an amusement park strictly for adults. There are sexual attractions for every man, woman and couple!!! Large, small, short and tall. If you want it, it's here!!! She's a beauty...Briana Banks is a thrill-a-minute experience that will leave you breathless, Chi Chi La Rue presents \"Ticket To Ride.\" Wanna ride?

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