Alyssa Love Movies

Big Island Blues

It's a sex fest as big as Jack Lord's Hair, as a tired director gets a final shot at abusing his actors, but they show him what that clipboard's for. Watch the surf break with the hymens, in Big Island Blues, Hawaii -- Vivid Style. Cowabangme!...


Lap Top

Boot Up. Drive Hard. Then Restart. Samantha is a sexy software designer on a collision course with virtual sexual reality. And sexy hacker Asia Carrera is on the same collision course...with muff crazed Janine! Lap Top. It's got Zip. It's got Jazz. So get it, Mac! ...


Head Over Heels

You know the old adage: if you want to find a man with a foot fetish, go to a shoe store. Welcome to shoe city, shoeville, shoe town and all those other places where smiling pervs hang out with a shoe horn and a hard on. Now you have a tape you can call your own. Make it head ove...


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