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Alicia Rio

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Dirty Looks

Shayla and Alexis are fired. Ashlyn breaks up with her longtime boyfriend. Faced with their own respective crisis; they plan to open a strip club where the customers can take dirty photographs of the girls. They cristen the Club "Dirty Looks." The result is blackmail, extortion, and lots of good, hot sex. And all filmed in the Look you love: Dirty. Dirty Looks. Think of it as a dirty picture about, well, dirty pictures.


Julia and Daniel are married lovers, cheating on their respective spouses for some three years. Until they decide to make it official. They head to Mexico to celebrate their new-found freedom. And find a land over the border and over the line. A town obsessed with sex, devoid of any pretense of propriety, and home to "The Lost Passage," where absolutely every erotic fantasy is fulfilled. Join adult's most important director Paul Thomas in the film many critics are calling his greatest achievement to date. Borderline. The line is drawn. We dare you to cross.

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