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A tale of bosses and bosses wives, of obsession and madness, of lust and desire, and one woman's journey to figure it all out. Hopefully, one of her 38 personalities is a detective. ...


Where The Boys Aren't #13

The Vivid girls head over to Jenteal's for her bachelorette party and surprise! The stripper doesn't show. So all those beautiful Vivid girls have to make do with what they have... their toys and their tongues! ...


Where the Boys Aren't #12

No one pleases a girl like a girl, and nothing pleases a guy like watching. It's WTBA 2K, and the Vivid Girls are only getting better. Nasty Sky! Darling Devon! Sultry Raylene! Torrid Taylor! Wanton Janine, and more! In the wettest, wildest, Lezzipalooza ever! ...


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