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Vivid Live, Spectacular new Miami gentlemen’s club, set to open on Thursday, Sept. 12th

30K Sq. Ft. Club has Look, Feel and Energy of the World’s Leading Adult Film Company; Vivid Stars Will Make Regular Appearances.MIAMI – (August 12, 2013) – Vivid Live, Miami’s spectacular new gentlemen’s club, will open on Thursday, Sept. 12th, promising an experience with the look and feel of the world’s leading adult company, Vivid Entertainment.   Located at 7020 NW 72nd Avenue, the luxurious new adult club sits on...

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Vivid Studio Insider for August 2, 2013

AP STORY ON VIVID SUPERHEROES GETS HUGE PLAY – A story by Associated Press reporter John Rogers was picked up by newspapers and websites worldwide last week.  The story began: “We all know he can leap tall buildings in a single bound and bend steel in his bare hands. So perhaps it...

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Movie Marks Vivid’s First Comedy Parody Inspired by a TV Game Show


LOS ANGELES (July 29, 2013)—Vivid Entertainment will introduce the hilariously sexy movie The Newlywed Game XXX: A Porn Parody at on July 30th and in stores across...

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Vivid Studio Insider For July 26, 2013

EXAMINER ARTICLE ON KIM KANE FOCUSES ON MAINSTREAM WORK – An interview on about Vivid director/performer Kimberly Kane by music journalist Alison Richter is focused entirely on her career as a photographer. “When she’s not shooting behind the scenes for music videos, fashion spreads and clothing lines, Kimberly...

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Vivid Adult Parodies Always a Step Ahead In What Fans Want


LOS ANGELES (July 23, 2013) – The announcement over the weekend that Warner Bros. will feature Batman in its sequel to Man Of Steel drew a “So what?” shrug from fans of superhero adult...

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Vivid Studio Insider for July 19, 2013

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New L.A. County Gentlemen’S Club ‘Vivid Cabaret’ Will Have “Soft Launch” Opening July 17th

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Rock Star Reveals All About a New Generation of Swingers That Embraces Adult Entertainment

LOS ANGELES (July 15, 2013) – Vivid Entertainment will release Phil Varone’s ‘100% Real Swingers:  Meet the Rileys’ on on July 16th and in stores nationwide on July 30th. This latest in Varone’s movie series portraying authentic swingers introduces Carey and Taylor Riley, an Ohio couple that is totally...

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Vivid Studio Insider For July 12, 2013

TOPLESS ROBOT LOVES KIM KANE – The loves Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman. Next to a large photo of Kimberly in her costume for the upcoming Vivid XXX parody,  Luke Thompson writes: “This is Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman, from a forthcoming Axel Braun movie. A porn parody...

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Vivid Studio Insider For June 28, 2013

MAN OF STEEL XXX: AN AXEL BRAUN PARODY  NOW ONLINE -- The latest superhero parody from Axel Braun, Man of Steel XXX , is now available online at and will be in stores nationwide on July 9th.  Over 100,000 adult fans viewed the trailer on YouTube in the...

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Vivid's 'Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody' Now Online And Will Be In Stores Nationwide July 9th

LOS ANGELES June 24, 2013 – The latest superhero parody from legendary director Axel Braun, ‘Man of Steel XXX,’ will be released online today by Vivid Entertainment, the leading brand of the modern adult era. It is now available at and will be in stores nationwide on July 9th.Cover of...

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Vivid Studio Insider for June 21st 2013

MONIQUE FEATURED IN HYSTERICAL SEGMENT ON OWN – Former Vivid contract actress Monique Alexander was featured in a very funny segment on the “Golden Sisters” show from the Ophrah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Two of the sisters...

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Vivid Insider for June 14, 2013

FARRAH NEWS KEEPS ON CHURNING – There is very little Farrah Abraham does these days that doesn’t make news. She got a second boob job, and InTouchmagazine covered it, complete with a picture of her on the operating table and a headline noting that she “Upgrades to D-Cup.”  The...

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Major Comic Site Applauds Braun’s Interpretation of The Mandarin in Adult Movie from VividLOS ANGELES June 10th 2013 – In his article “Speaking Mandarin” for Comics 101, editor Scott Tipton discusses the evolution of the Mandarin character portrayed recently in the summer blockbuster movie, “Iron Man 3.” But, Tipton believes, Axel Braun’s...

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Vivid Studio Insider For June 7, 2013

FARRAH MAKES NEWS, BOOSTS SALES – Farrah Abraham continues to make news and whenever she does, she seems to sell more DVDs and downloads of Farrah “Teen Mom” Superstar. reported that she agreed to plead guilty to aggravated DUI later this month, in exchange for probation instead of...

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