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Vivid Studio Insider for June 21st 2013

MONIQUE FEATURED IN HYSTERICAL SEGMENT ON OWN – Former Vivid contract actress Monique Alexander was featured in a very funny segment on the “Golden Sisters” show from the Ophrah Winfrey Network (OWN).  Two of the sisters... Read Full Story

Vivid Insider for June 14, 2013

FARRAH NEWS KEEPS ON CHURNING – There is very little Farrah Abraham does these days that doesn’t make news. She got a second boob job, and InTouchmagazine covered it, complete with a picture of her on the operating table and a headline noting that she “Upgrades to D-Cup.”  The... Read Full Story

Comics101.com sends a love letter to Axel Braun's Iron Man XXX

Major Comic Site Applauds Braun’s Interpretation of The Mandarin in Adult Movie from VividLOS ANGELES June 10th 2013 – In his article “Speaking Mandarin” for Comics 101, editor Scott Tipton discusses the evolution of the Mandarin character portrayed recently in the summer blockbuster movie, “Iron Man 3.” But, Tipton believes, Axel Braun’s... Read Full Story

Vivid Studio Insider For June 7, 2013

FARRAH MAKES NEWS, BOOSTS SALES – Farrah Abraham continues to make news and whenever she does, she seems to sell more DVDs and downloads of Farrah “Teen Mom” Superstar.  CelebBuzz.com reported that she agreed to plead guilty to aggravated DUI later this month, in exchange for probation instead of... Read Full Story

Vivid Studio Insider For May 3, 2013

FARRAH SUPERSTAR FEVER CONTINUES – Media interest has escalated with the announcement that Vivid acquired all rights to a sexually charged movie starring 21-year-old Farrah Abraham. Vivid will release the highly anticipated personal sex tape under the title Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom online at vivid.com on May 6th.... Read Full Story

VividTv To Air "Farrah 'Teen Mom' Superstar" Starting May 6th – The Most Anticipated Celebrity Sex Tape In Years

LOS ANGELES – (May 2, 2013) -- 'Farrah “Teen Mom” Superstar,' the highly anticipated personal sex tape made by reality television star Farrah Abraham, will begin airing on VividTV starting on May 6th. This is the latest celebrity sex tape to be aired on VividTV’s newly launched 24/7 linear TV channel and VividTV OnDemand, which have a combined distribution of more than 52-million households in the U.S. and internationally on major... Read Full Story