Farrah Ducks Polygraph for $1 Million Dollars

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Farrah Abraham is apparently not interested in making an easy million dollars to back up the supposedly tragic story she spun on VH1's Couples Therapy.


The Teen Mom star turned Backdoor Teen Mom star has a ... complicated relationship with the truth, as Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch knows.


That's why, after she claimed she was drugged and raped more than... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Silent On Polygraph Request

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So we're basically all in agreement that Farrah Abraham is a pretty reprehensible person with a spotty history for telling the truth. Or being, you know, at all likable. Things haven't changed, and it only gets worse.  That time she waxed her toddler's "unibrow"? Pretty awful. That time she released a sex tape -- that she was paid for, ffs... Read Full Story


MAJOR COVERAGE OF FARRAH’S SECOND MOVIE – The online release this week of Farrah 2: Backdoor and More shows why Farrah Abraham was the most Googled Reality Star of 2013. The media paid close attention to the new release of the movie starring MTV’s most provocative Teen Mom in non-stop sexual performances... Read Full Story

It's Time for Farrah Abraham to Put Her Money Where Her ... Well, Mouth Is ~ FishWrapper



It's better than any other orifices Farrah Abraham might consider stuffing her currency in for the camera -- but at any rate, this is big, big news, guys: Farrah Abraham was just offered $1 MILLION DOLLARS to take a polygraph test producing positive... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham -- You ARE a Porn Star, Because Your Bank Account Proves It ~TMZ




Farrah Abraham is a porn hypocrite ...she CLAIMS she's not a porn star and is fighting the release of a sequel to her first flick but she's privately hounding porn producers to ante up a fortune in XXX royalties.


Farrah's first film -- "Backdoor Teen Mom" -- was released a year ago, yet it's still a top seller.  TMZ has learned Farrah repeatedly called Vivid... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Just Can't Get It Together ~ Fishwrapper

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Farrah Abraham is really sticking her foot in it lately, and it comes in the putrid forms of "Couples Therapy," her newly-released encore sex tape, and the constant barrage of sound bites about how she wants to release a Christian parenting book, become abstinent, and seek employment in a nunnery ... as a, you know, nun, and not a custodian with huge breasts and a fetish for sex swings. Most recently,  ... Read Full Story

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Goes 50 Shades Of Gray ~ Perez



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WARNING: EXTREMELY NSFW content ahead! Farrah Abraham shocked fans with her "amateur sex tape" last year.


Well this time the pretense is off- along with everything else in the sequel Farrah 2: Backdoor And More! The Teen Mom star is on full swinging display with her repeat costar James Deen- guess his peen wasn't too small after all?


The full load drops today at Vivid.com, but you can see a... Read Full Story

Congratulations Farrah Abraham ~ Gawker


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Earlier today, Vivid released a second adult video starring Farah Abrahams. Like her first "sex tape," Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, co-stars James Deen. It also involves a stripper pole and a variety of sex swings. Congrats Farrah, you're officially a porn star now.


Despite her first video's success, Abraham later said the tape "ruined her life." From the looks of this second video—and considering her history of... Read Full Story

Farrah 2: Backdoor and More! LIVE on Vivid.com

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I know what you're thinking. Boy, that Backdoor Teen Mom sure was groovy family-friendly entertainment. I only wish there was more. Well, you my ferociously fapping friend are in luck! For today we have a sneak peek at the adult film sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which is an assemblage of previously unseen and rather naughty clips from her first go-round.


Our good friends at  have sneaked us an exclusive peek at... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape #2 To Release Early!

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Here it is, y'all -- the moment you've either all been waiting for, or the moment you've been dreading: the exclusive trailer for "Farrah 2: Back Door and More," and it is as raunchy as it comes. ... Get it? See what I did there? "Comes"? ... Never mind. 

Farrah Abraham is still vehemently protesting against this brand-new porno, because of course she is,... Read Full Story