Is Farrah Abraham Always Faking it?




All of Farrah Abraham's Faces Are the Same, and That's Why She's Full of Crap


Friends, did you watch "Couples Therapy"  last night? Because it was basically all about Farrah Abraham's erratic idiosyncrases and her drama and oh, God, those crying faces. Those crying faces are the worst -- have you ever seen a faker crier in your whole entire... Read Full Story

Is It Real? Famed XXX Company Passed On Marilyn Monroe, JFK & Bobby Kennedy 3-Way Sex Tape



If you were anxious to see the naughty version of Camelot you’ll have to wait a little bit longer because has exclusively learned that adult film company ‘s CEO, , passed on the opportunity to buy the alleged long buried sex tape of , ex-President  and his brother,, which will be hitting the auction block on Tuesday, is exclusively reporting.


 —said to have... Read Full Story


VIVID TELLS FARRAH TO ‘CEASE & DESIST’ TELLING LIES – Last week Vivid chief Steven Hirsch offered Farrah Abraham $1 million if she could pass a lie detector test regarding her allegations that she was drugged and raped during a movie tour. Farrah did not accept the challenge. This week, Steven sent... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Catches a Cease and Desist Letter




Farrah Abraham just keeps shooting herself in her foot with that big mouth of hers, but at this rate, if she keeps going, it's going to land her in some serious hot (legal) water, and wouldn't it be so, so nice if Farrah weren't legally able to, you know, talk ever again?  Farrah Abraham is still slamming the porn industry -- you know, the industry... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Lingerie For Sale On Ebay



If you guys watched MTVs "Being Farrah" last night, then you probably saw what a feces-filled production it was. If you didn't, then you missed a whole lot of bad parenting and grossness, like how Farrah Abraham allows her 4-year-old child to pitch tantrums on screen while throwing things at her mother (for publicity, likely), and how she includes her 4-year-old in every action that her mother... Read Full Story


FARRAH ABRAHAM DOESN’T NEED $1 MILLION – Last Friday afternoon, Vivid chief Steven Hirsch offered Farrah Abraham, the star of two blockbuster Vivid Celeb sex tapes, $1-million if she would take and pass a sanctioned polygraph test. In making the public offer, Steven said: “Farrah has seemingly made a cottage industry out of telling lies, She now says... Read Full Story

Farrah Ducks Polygraph for $1 Million Dollars

From Holywood Gossip:





Farrah Abraham is apparently not interested in making an easy million dollars to back up the supposedly tragic story she spun on VH1's Couples Therapy.


The Teen Mom star turned Backdoor Teen Mom star has a ... complicated relationship with the truth, as Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch knows.


That's why, after she claimed she was drugged and raped more than... Read Full Story

Farrah Abraham Silent On Polygraph Request




So we're basically all in agreement that Farrah Abraham is a pretty reprehensible person with a spotty history for telling the truth. Or being, you know, at all likable. Things haven't changed, and it only gets worse.  That time she waxed her toddler's "unibrow"? Pretty awful. That time she released a sex tape -- that she was paid for, ffs... Read Full Story


MAJOR COVERAGE OF FARRAH’S SECOND MOVIE – The online release this week of Farrah 2: Backdoor and More shows why Farrah Abraham was the most Googled Reality Star of 2013. The media paid close attention to the new release of the movie starring MTV’s most provocative Teen Mom in non-stop sexual performances... Read Full Story

It's Time for Farrah Abraham to Put Her Money Where Her ... Well, Mouth Is ~ FishWrapper



It's better than any other orifices Farrah Abraham might consider stuffing her currency in for the camera -- but at any rate, this is big, big news, guys: Farrah Abraham was just offered $1 MILLION DOLLARS to take a polygraph test producing positive... Read Full Story