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Vivid Studio Insider For August 15, 2014

FARRAH ABRAHAM TRIES STRIPPING – Farrah Abraham, star of the Vivid movies Farrah Abraham: Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah 2: Backdoor and More is now working at a strip club in Austin. According to E! News she “recently began a stripping gig at Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, a source confirms to E! News. ‘She was hired a couple of weeks ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money dancing, so they moved her up to the stage,’ the insider dished. ‘She was on all three stages, the main stage and two side stages.’” The report said Farrah is working at the strip club for “research.” The story of her stripping gig was also picked up by the Huffington Post.

The “Video Voltage” section of the latest issue of Cheri Magazine features a full-page photo montage from Spider-Man XXX 2 , calling the movie Axel Braun’s “latest masterpiece.” A movie synopsis beneath the photos says the movie is full of “intensive arachnid action.”

Monique Alexander was the featured performer at Vivid Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston on Thursday, Aug. 14 through Saturday, Aug. 16. The bubbly Monique was scheduled to perform nightly, mingle with fans, sign autographs and pose for snapshots. Says Monique: “I love Houston. It’s a great sports town. It’s both energetic and laid back at the same time. I always enjoy myself when I’m there.” Monique also has a show on Vivid Radio, Vivid Girl: Monique Alexander, heard on Mondays from noon to 1 pm PT (on as well  through the SiriusXM app and on channel 791). 

Vivid Radio host Nicki Hunter appeared recently on the Credence & Bishop syndicated radio show. She called in from California’s “Porn Valley” to chat with C & B, who called her “one of the most prolific and hardest working girls in the industry—performer, director, producer, make-up artist, lighting, set design, and more.” She acknowledged the compliment, noting she has worked on more than 2,000 films. Tony Batman covered the appearance and noted that she revealed “what kind of guy she likes to date and have sex with including what penis size she prefers.” Nicky also posts frequently about “The Hunter Zone” on Twitter. Her show is heard Wednesday 5-6 pm PT.