XCRITIC INTERVIEWS ‘FUN’ AND ‘MAGNETIC’ ANNIE CRUZ – writer Apache Warrior continued his series of adult star and Vivid Radio host interviews, this time with Annie Cruz. Calling her “an effective lead-off hitter because her personality is magnetic…she is fun to listen to as well as being able to make her listeners feel so comfortable that they are willing to open us sexually. It’s these frank, genuine conversations that make her program ‘The dirtiest Girl in the World’ so intriguing to listen to.” Her SiriusXM 102 show works, Annie told XCritic, because it is “a fun time, when I share my erotic real-life stories of all my crazy sexcapades...a learning experience, when I discuss a particular topic of said stories…and the ability to open up sexually, knowing that I will never judge anyone because I, myself, am extremely open-minded sexually.” She added that it is “a very empowering feeling, when other women call into my show to tell me that they don't feel shame for being as sexual as they are after listening and/or talking to me and thus embrace their sexuality. That alone is enough for me to feel like I've accomplished plenty with my show because no human being should feel shameful for being who they are sexually.”  Annie added: “I absolutely adore my fans! I could be in gym clothes and at the grocery store, and I still feel compelled to give a fan hug, when they approach me. Without my fans, I wouldn't be here. There are so many memorable moments with fans, like people yelling, ‘We loved you on Howard Stern, Annie Cruz!’ in front of the House of the Blues on Sunset. I have to say that I love my female fans a lot, and one memorable moment would be when I was shopping in Union Square San Francisco at a kiosk with an older Asian woman, working the cashier. At first glance, one could easily judge this woman by her thick eye glasses, conservative clothes and thick accent as a nerdy housewife. She had this grin on her face the entire time I was shopping that by the time I went to pay for my things, she leaned in like a giggling schoolgirl and said,’"I know who you are.’ My instant reaction was to immediately say, ‘I don't think we are related, Miss.’ But for whatever reason she had in that moment, she wrote on a piece of paper, ‘ANNIE CRUZ,’ and pointed to it then me and asked, ‘Is that you?’ I was so completely taken off guard, all I could do was smile and give the woman a hug...this woman, who looks like she'd blush if you said the word, ‘Pussy,’ in front of her. When asked what of my work she liked, she answered: ‘ALL OF IT.’ Never judge a book by its cover.’” "The Dirtiest Girl in the World" airs on Vivid Radio on SiriusXM 102 three times a week, every Mon, Tue and Wed 7pm EST / 4pm PT.

  ROCK CONFIDENTIAL OFFERS VARONE MOVIE CLIP AND CONTEST – Website featured a clip from Phil Varone’s latest movie, 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory, as well as an opportunity to win a free copy of the DVD. The movie is available online now at and will be in stores across the country on June 24. RockConfidential notes that in his 
new Kentucky Old Glory movie three couples plus one single female and one unattached male (Varone) show us that Kentucky has some of the hottest and naughtiest swingers in the country. “Maybe it’s the humid, subtropical climate of a state where the temperature gets up to 114 degrees that increases the urge to merge,” says Varone. “This group explores orgies, sex trains and so much more that I think it’s a good idea for viewers to hydrate before watching this wild ride.” For the first time in any of his swinging movies, Varone and one of the husbands build a “glory hole,” which he portrays in the tradition of “This Old House,” so that viewers would find it easy to build their own. “Old Glory is the epitome of what being in the swinging lifestyle is about. Great friends, great times and great respect for the lifestyle,” Varone adds. “We’re obviously having such a good time that we know that viewers will too.” RockConfidential users are invited to fill out a form to enter a contest to win a DVD of the movie.

 ALTHEA ADDS FUEL TO MIMI & NIKKO DRAMA – Shaunee Flowers of the Examiner’s AXS Entertainment site has stirred the Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta publicity pot once again. According to Shaunee Flowers, “It's no secret that ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith have released a sex tape. You can't miss it because it's all they talk about on the hit VH1 reality TV show. As the season progresses, fans are finding out that Nikko is even more shady than previously thought. From allegations that he didn't actually ‘lose’ the sex tape but rather that he leaked it himself to the revelation that he had a previous relationship with Benzino's new lady Althea Heart. Now Althea is jumping on the bandwagon accusing Nikko of leaking the sex tape himself. He has tried to convince girlfriend Mimi and the world that the camera was stolen from his suitcase on the way back from a trip the pair took together. Pretty much everyone has raised an eyebrow to that claim. On Tuesday an Mstarz report says that Althea Heart previously turned Nikko down when he asked her to do a sex tape with him. It looks like the dirty dog has been trying to become a porn star for some time now…This could make for some real good drama on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.’"

VIVID DOTS SHORTANDSWEET COLUMN – Vivid Radio and Vivid Cabaret were mentioned prominently in a recent column by writer Ralph Greco for about female movers and shakers in the adult world. In his piece he writes about Tanya Tate, “who has a show every Tuesday now on (at 3pm PST) on Vivid Radio SiriusXM102” and adds that “the Tanya Tate Show is not to be missed for those of you who like your ears tickled and your imagination en-flamed.” And, he writes, “speaking of Vivid Radio, none other than Kayla Jane Danger will be returning to Dana DeArmond’s Dirty Nerdy Show on Vivid Radio…June 19! That’s Channel 102 (again) at 6pm PST/9pm EST or after the show airs On Demand.”