VIVID MAKES OFFER TO SOFIE VISSA -- The headline captured the story perfectly: “Porn Company Offers Casper Smart’s Alleged Transexual Sext Partner Her Own XXX Flick — ‘DownLo With Sofie Vissa’”  Radar’s Amber Ryland reported: ”She may not end up with Casper Smart, but transgender model and alleged sexting partner to Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend, Sofie Vissa, has been offered her very own porn flick with the industry’s top dog Vivid Entertainment, is exclusively reporting. Vivid founder Steve Hirsch penned an offer letter on Thursday to the provocative 23-year-old model who says she exchanged nude photos with Smart, 27, and even titled the XXX film, DownLo with Sofie Vissa. ‘We don’t normally do transsexual celebrity tapes, but in your case we just might make an exception,’ Hirsch wrote. ‘We propose that you make an adult film with us. We will cast for a Casper Smart lookalike, and you may participate in the casting; in fact, you may choose the final ‘Casper.’”  The adult porn company says Vissa has ‘JLo looks’ and promises to give her ‘input in the choice of sex acts that you’ll perform.’”

 STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR VIVID CABARET POLE DANCING FINALS – It was standing room only on May 31st at Vivid Cabaret NYC for the Regional 2014 Pole Dancing Grand Finals.  The dozen finalists shimmied up to the top of the club’s 25-foot tall pole and then did amazing tricks as they slid down, some at break-neck speeds.  Some of the best coverage of the contest can be found at, which provided its viewers with a spectacular gallery of 35 photos taken during the finals.  The accompanying story said: “We’re always looking for any excuse to stop in Vivid Cabaret, anyway, since the place is easily one of NYC’s most unique nightclubs. Vivid Cabaret is officially part of the Rick’s Cabaret empire, but Vivid Cabaret–associated with one of America’s leading adult entertainment brands–has a slightly more rock ‘n roll feel that always makes us feel at home. The club is a little more lounge-like and nicely intimate. Then there’s the very special brand of Vivid Cabaret dancers, who are proud to work in a stellar setting that they can turn into an incredibly classy strip joint.  And, of course, Vivid Cabaret has New York City’s  tallest stripper pole. That beauty is an impressive 25 feet height, and it got a real workout as the dancers competed for a $5,000 prize–and a trip to Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami. That’s the home of the tallest stripper pole in North America (30 feet). It’s also where the best pole dancers in the country will be competing for a $20,000 grand prize this coming July 25th and July 26th.” The story notes that the gallery also includes a “photo of a guest appearance by legendary Vivid adult actress Savanna Samson–because, you know, Vivid Cabaret is where the big names in adult entertainment hang out.” The finals this week were the culmination of a 10 week contest, with the top 10 finalists chosen from over 500 entrants. "We have so many beautiful and talented performers," said Shaun Kevlin, Regional Manager for Rick's Cabaret New York and Vivid Cabaret New York. "There was standing room only at the club and the crowds loved the girls."

 PHIL VARONE’S 100% REAL SWINGERS: KENTUCKY OLD GLORY  SET TO LAUNCH -- Rock star turned award-winning  porn director Phil Varone has uncovered a hot bed of hedonists in his latest movie, 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory, which will be available online at on June 10 and in stores across the country on June 24.  In his new movie three couples plus one single female and one male (Varone) show Kentucky has some of the hottest and naughtiest swingers in the country.  Says Phil, “Maybe it’s the humid, subtropical climate of the state where the temperature has been recorded as high as 114 degrees that increases the urge to merge. Whatever their motivation, this group explores orgies, sex trains and so much more that I think it’s a good idea for viewers to hydrate before watching this wild ride.” Also, for the first time in any of his swinging movies, Varone and one of the husbands build a “glory hole,” which he portrays in the tradition of “This Old House,” so that viewers would find it easy to build their own.  “Old Glory is the epitome of what being in the swinging lifestyle is about.  Great friends, great times and great respect for the lifestyle,” Phil adds. “We’re obviously having such a good time that we know that viewers will too.”

 MIMI STAYS IN THE NEWS – Mimi Faust, star of Vivid’s Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, has a knack for staying in the news, even when she denies there’s any news.  This week she said she and Nikko Smith are not engaged to marry, despite some media reports saying they are making plans. reported: “Since news of Mimi’s scandalous Vivid sex tape hit the web back in April, it’s come along with chatter that the couple is now engaged. Blogs pointed to the mysterious appearance of some serious bling on her ring finger as evidence that Nikko popped the question. Sister 2 Sister has found out, however, that there aren’t any wedding bells in Mimi’s immediate future. ‘If I was engaged, I would make a statement publicly about it,’ Mimi told S2S, adding that they aren’t really thinking about tying the knot right now. ‘We’re happy together, but I mean as far as marriage is concerned…I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.’  She also denied media reports she’s expecting a baby. “They just make up anything they can and they say it. I expected it to come along with the territory. I did. I didn’t know how much or how intense, but I kind of expected it.”

 ASH HOLLYWOOD TALKS ABOUT VIVID RADIO & DATING GAME XXX IN XCRITIC INTERVIEW – Ash Hollywood was interviewed by XCritic writer Apache Warrior, who began his story: “The biggest line-up of adult radio programming is on Sirius XM Channel 102. This Vivid Radio talk-fest currently has Ash Hollywood and her ‘Tap That Ash’ show. This blonde cutie is a nice fit at the 5pm PT spot as those male and female West Coast listeners drive home from a hard day's work. It's her easy-listening voice and persona that make the sexual nature of her show so appealing to both genders. Since she makes her call-in viewers comfortable, it allows them to open up and spill the beans on their deepest inner sexual fantasies.”  Ash told XCritic: “I was really excited when Vivid came forward and asked me to have my own show along with some select colleagues. On my show, ‘Tap That Ash,’ I want my listeners to feel comfortable enough to express themselves sexually with no judgment and be able to confess their deepest desires. Its a magical thing being able to make someone's day just from a quick couple minutes phone call from the show.”  Ash also talks about making her new Vivid film,   The Dating Game XXX: A Porn Parody. “The Vivid crew is amazing. It's like hanging out with great friends because that's exactly what I'm doing. My scene with Penny Pax was so much fun because she's so smart and filthy.”  She ends her interview with XCritic by saying, “My site is and my Twitter address is @ashhollywood.  Of course, I want everyone to listen to me at ‘Tap That Ash’ on Sirius XM Channel 102 Mondays and Tuesdays from 5-6pm PT.”

 FOXY MAGAZINE SALUTES CAPTAIN AMERICA XXX – The leading Dutch adult publication, Foxy Magazine,  features a major story this month on Captain America XXX: A Porn Parody, the latest Axel Braun best-seller from Vivid. The three-page overage of the movie includes numerous photos from the movie and a headline on the cover.