MIMI & NIKKO: “NO SECOND TAPE” COMING, BUT DOOR REMAINS OPEN - Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith say there will be no follow-up tape to the best-selling Vivid Celeb move, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. Mimi told Vlad TV that a second tape is not in the cards, at least not now. She says she and Nikko did make a second tape, “but it’s our own personal thing.” Nikko was somewhat less convincing in his part of the interview, when he said, “we have to see how much money” it might earn. Mimi asserted in the interview: “We are not porn stars. Again, I want to reiterate this: I made a tape with my man. It is not raunchy; it is not vulgar; it is not disgusting. We were doing what we do. I don’t see anything wrong with that and I don’t think we should be condemned.” wrote about the interview this week, saying: “When it's brought up that a second tape was in the contract for “Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham, Nikko says that Vivid can't release another tape without their consent.  The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars add that while they don't have a second sex tape planned, they both admit that it's not completely out of the question at some point down the road. Nikko jokes about the amount of money coming in from the first tape inspiring them to release another.”

 VIVID CABARET NEW YORK POLE DANCE COMPETITION FINALS - Vivid Cabaret New York holds the Grand Finals of its 2014 Pole Dance Competition on Saturday night, May 31st (11 p.m. EDT) at 61 West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan. The final competition on the 25-foot tall pole will determine the "Miss Vivid Cabaret New York Pole Dance Champion." The competition has been held during the past 10 weeks and the top 10 finalists were chosen from over 500 entrants. "We have so many beautiful and talented performers," said Shaun Kevlin, Regional Manager for Rick's Cabaret New York and Vivid Cabaret New York. "There was standing room only at the club during the preliminaries, and the crowds loved the girls. Choosing from the final 10 will be difficult, and surely a night to remember for anyone who witnesses it." The winner will receive $5,000 plus a trip to Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami, where she will compete in the national pole competition with pole dancers and competitors from across the country. The Tootsie's "Summer Pole Party" will be held on July 25th and July 26th, and will award $20,000 in cash prizes.

 VIVID RADIO HOST ANNIE CRUZ ON XCRITIC.COM – Annie Cruz, host of the Vivid Radio show “Dirtiest Girl in the World (4-5 pm PT Mon-Wed),” was interviewed last week by’s Apache Warrior, who wrote: “Annie Cruz is an effective radio lead-off hitter because her personality is magnetic. She is fun to listen to as well as being able to make her viewers feel so comfortable that they are willing to open up sexually. It's these frank, genuine conversations that make her program, ‘The Dirtiest Girl in the World,’ so intriguing to listen to.” Annie told XCritic that her show “is the one thing I look forward to doing every week. I want my show to offer a fun time when I share my erotic real-life stories of all my crazy sexcapades; when I discuss a particular topic. And it’s the ability (of my listeners) to open up sexually, knowing that I will never judge anyone because I, myself, am extremely open-minded sexually. The one thing that I love about people that participate by calling into my show is that more often than not, both men and women everywhere feel more comfortable with their sexuality knowing that there is someone out there (me) that is the same way as them. It's a very empowering feeling, when other women call into my show to tell me that they don't feel shame for being as sexual as they are after listening and/or talking to me and thus embrace their sexuality. That alone is enough for me to feel like I've accomplished plenty with my show because no human being should feel shameful for being who they are sexually. “  

 CHUY BRAVO’S VIVID MOVIE STAYS IN THE NEWS – When Chuy Bravo Porn Star was released earlier this month on Vivid TV and, Vivid chief Steven Hirsch said of the Chelsea Handler sidekick: “Chuy seems to have a natural inclination to perform in the adult category. He’s clearly uninhibited and obviously enjoys the experience. With Chelsea’s E! show winding down, Chuy might want to consider talking to us about opportunities at Vivid.”  That day is apparently coming sooner, rather than later as Handler was in the news this week when she revealed she is, in fact, stepping down from her E! late night program, which frequently features Chuy.