ROYALTIES FROM KIM’S VIVID TAPE ARE ALSO A WEDDING GIFT – broke the story this week that Ray J’s wedding gift to Kim Kardashian is his share of four months of royalties from what is said to be the best-selling celebrity sex tape ever, Kim Kardashian Superstar  from Vivid. Ray J, of course, was Kim’s co-star in the movie. The TMZ staff-written story said: “Ray J is sending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a huge check for their wedding -- even though his invitation was lost in the mail (as in it never existed) -- but the gift is his share of four months of profits from the sex tape with Kim! We're guessing Yeezy would prefer a blender. Or leather jogging pants.” The TMZ article got huge pickup from other websites around the world, from in Australia, to (who said: “Wow! We doubt this was on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s registry”) and (its headline said: “WTF: Ray J To Give His Share Of Porn Profits To KimYe As Wedding Gift.” The story speculated that the check was for $47,000 and noted, “Apparently people are still trying to see their tape and it’s still raking in a fortune after 7 years of being out.”). Other sites using the story included, (which speculated that total revenues from the tape have exceeded $50 million) and (which said the gift from Ray J. was “meant to shame Kim into remembering her humble porn star roots.”).  

 FARRAH AND HER BOOK BACK IN THE NEWS – A proposed book by Farrah Abraham slipped back into the news this week. A story by reporter Amanda Lynne asked in the headline: ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham to write tell-all exposing porn company?” Lynne wrote: “’Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is threatening to write a tell-all book exposing the porn company that bought and distributed her sex tape, Vivid Entertainment. Farrah, who has been going back and forth with Vivid basically since her sex tape was released in 2013, has previously claimed that she was treated badly while touring to promote her sex tape.  After Farah’s claims, Vivid offered her $1 million to take lie detector test about her allegations, but there was a catch. If Farrah lied then she would have to give back all the money she made from her sex tape. Farrah never took the lie detector test.” 

 WILL MIMI & NIKKO SPAWN SEQUELS? – Will Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta spark sequels from Vivid with other Love & Hip Hop stars?  Yes, according to It reported this week that “the sex tape with two of Love & Hip Hop: New York’s biggest stars (pun intended) is doing so well, Vivid wants to do more with other VH1 stars, RumorFix has confirmed.

Last month Mimi Faust and boyfriend Nikko Smith reportedly signed a deal with Vivid to release the sex tape called Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta. The celebrity sex tape company describes the video like this: ‘You always knew they had chemistry... and now we’ve got the tape to prove it.’ And now the porn company is on the hunt for other stars from the reality series.

Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, tells RumorFix, ‘Love & Hip Hop is incredibly popular and resonates with our viewers. People love the show and love the characters. We look forward to working with other L&HH stars in the future.’

And perhaps VH1 babe Jhonni Blaze is next; her sex tape is rumored to have been leaked on the Internet. If she has a video, trust me Hirsch will find it!”  

  VIVID CABARET NEW YORK IN MIDST OF POLE DANCE COMPETITION – The entertainers at Vivid Cabaret New York are competing in the "Miss Vivid Cabaret New York Pole Dance” championship. They show their skills by performing on the 25-foot high pole, the city's tallest.  So far 10 finalists have been chosen from 500 entrants, with the date for the final competition to be announced soon. Vivid Cabaret New York is located on 37th Street just off Sixth Avenue in the heart of the city’s Fashion District and a five minute walk from Madison Square Garden. The club has been enjoying packed houses since its opening in January.