CHUY BRAVO HARDCORE MOVIE GOES ONLINE – Responding to fan demand, Vivid Entertainment this week made the hard core movie starring Chelsea Handler’s sidekick Chuy Bravo available on the website…in addition to airing on Vivid TV. The decision caught the attention of the mainstream media, which gave extensive coverage to the Internet debut of Chuy Bravo Porn Star. Of the movie itself editor Sarah Taylor wrote: “In a small, but powerful, nutshell, Chuy has hot, unbridled and animalistic sex.”  In a second story featuring a clip from the movie, Taylor said the film “is just but another fleshy fist protruding from Chuy Bravo's long arm of successful accomplishments...Why are you still even reading this far? Go! Watch the video! You owe it to yourself to be speechless, too.” said: “Chuy Bravo is no stranger to nudity — especially being on screen with Chelsea Handler every night on Chelsea Lately. However, he’s now taken it to a whole new level — and has put out his own porno!” called the movie “shockingly raunchy.” editor Ralph Greco reviewed the film, writing: “Anyway you cut it the latest from Vivid is quite the eyeful. Starring none other than Chelsea Handler’s side-kick Chuy Bravo, Chuy Bravo Porn Star sees the most famous little person in adult entertainment starring in his very own porn flick…and the action is far and away hot and far from freakish (which I admit, at first, I feared it would be.) Chuy Bravo Porn Star is another good dirty time from a company that knows how to give you a good dirty time. Check it out at”   After awarded it the “hardcore porn of the day” honor, the Chuy Bravo film also earned coverage from,, and many other sites. 

 CHRISTY CANYON’S XCRITIC INTERVIEW – Vivid Radio host Christy Canyon was interviewed
last week by Asked about her radio show, Christy responded: “I want my radio show to offer a variety of games with my guests and callers, sex topics, getting my callers off. I have no format really. It just flows with the day and my guest. The more sexual my guest is, the more naughty and fun my show is!” She was also asked how the adult industry has changed in recent years. Her reply: “I love my porn era. It's changed for the best because it's actually legal now. I think we were flirting with breaking laws when I started. But to me, that's what made it more fun! THAT and I loved the close knit, family feeling of that era. It's so huge now! But as far as now, I love the variety of performer - we never had such a fun choice of girls to work with! And so many different styles to choose from.” She added that she loves “the choices and variety of porn being shot and offered to our fans these days! NEVER in the 80's would you have MILF, BBW, fetish style porn, etc. The more the merrier I say.”

 FARRAH “MAKING BANK” ON HER VIVID MOVIES – The internet media disputed Farrah Abraham’s “I’m not a porn star” assertions this week. The headline on story was: “Farrah Abraham: Still Making BANK off Sex Tape She Says Ruined Her Life!” The story by Tyler Johnson continued: ”Farrah Abraham's "sex tape" continues to be the most lucrative thing the Teen Mom star has ever participated in, but Farrah is still pretending the professionally-produced, highly profitable porn is just an amateur sex tape that leaked accidentally.” published bank transfer images this week showing that Farrah Abraham is earnings six figure royalties from her Vivid films. The site reported: “Despite Farrah Abraham's constant assertions that she's not a porn star, though, the royalties keep rolling in from her adult films -- and they're rolling in hard. See the receipt for wire transfer for example. Girl is making bank on these flicks. Even Steve Hirsch, Vivid's head honcho, has only praises to sing about Farrah's chosen professional porn endeavors: ‘Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom continues to be one of Vivid Celebs' all-time best sellers. Not only is she a reality star, but Farrah’s one of the greatest porn stars of all time!’ It's funny, though  -- despite the fact that Farrah continually trashes the adult entertainment industry, and for as far as she tries to distance herself from it (poorly, I might add; you realize she's written an erotic novel about being a celebrity in a skin flick, right?) she sure is keen on cashing those checks, huh? Guess you can't really look a gift horse in the mouth when it's probably going to finance everything you do forever and ever amen.”

 REVERB FOR MIMI’S VH1 APPEARANCE – reported this week on Mimi Faust’s feisty self-defense statements recently:  “Mimi Faust is growing tired of fans and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members coming down on her for profiting off of an intimate tape with her boyfriend, Nikko. In a video shared Friday, May 9 Mimi Faust claimed that she doesn’t know who to trust anymore.  ‘This is me and what I’m doing. You worry about you and what you’re doing. I’m not really sure who I can trust right now, but we will find out real soon,’ Mimi Faust told VH1 after seeing and hearing things said about the tape.” She said she signed with Vivid “to distribute and profit off of the tape after flying out to a meeting and being offered a certain amount of money. Claiming that she’d rather profit off the tape than sit back and allow it to be distributed online for free, Mimi Faust said she hopes to use the money to send her daughter to college. ‘I can either let this tape run around for free or I can be a businesswoman about this and capitalize off of it and send my daughter to college.’”