CHUY BRAVO MAKES HIS HARDCORE DEBUT ON VIVID TV -- Chuy Bravo Porn Star -- starring the famous 4-foot 3-inch sidekick of Chelsea Handler on E!’s Chelsea Lately – has debuted on Vivid TV, the television division of Vivid Entertainment. The TV launch of the movie immediately created mainstream media headlines. reported the news with the headline, “Chelsea Handler’s Little Chuy is All Growed Up.” Reporter Sarah Taylor wrote, “The most fascinating idea about the whole premise of this showing is not even Chuy's obvious sexual prowess, however, but how the world has become enamored by reality television and fetish programming as a whole. The way that visual entertainment has evolved to the point where it's beginning to transcend stigmas and translate into popular mainstream productions is astonishing. As it is, in conjunction, the manner in which mainstream media is beginning to capitalize on the former adults-only genre is equally extraordinary. It's like art imitating life imitating art and then making a big, jaw-dropping skin flick out of all that life and art. It's almost magical, when you think about it.” In Chuy Bravo Porn Star viewers see the diminutive actor romp with co-stars that include Latina MILF Aurora and black MILF Sierra, plus in a wrestling scene with Zazie and Sindee Williams. The movie was originally released in 2010 as Chuy Then & Lately. Bravo launched his acting career in L.A. with non-credit roles in Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and The Rundown before getting his big break with Chelsea Lately. Since becoming a regular on the show, Bravo has become a published author with a comedic memoir titled Little Nuggets of Wisdom: Big Advice from the Small Star of Chelsea Lately. He has also headlined a comedy tour featuring Latino stand-ups.

STEVEN HIRSCH TALKS ABOUT FARRAH ON VLADTV.COM – Vivid chief Steven Hirsch was interviewed last week by about the controversy surrounding Vivid’s release of a second Farrah Abraham sex tape, titled Farrah 2: Backdoor & More. Steven said that Vivid had secured all rights to the tape before its release: “We have a business to run and we are going to do what we legally can. We never release anything for which we don’t have the contractual rights.” Asked why he thought Farrah is so negative about the second tape, Steven replied: “That’s a better question for her than for me… but I think she sort of thought that one was enough.” VladTV wrote: “Speaking more on Farrah being upset, Steven said he was bothered more by Abraham saying things like ‘F*ck Vivid,’ and claiming that she was raped on the promotional tour. The porn magnate revealed that he offered Farrah $1 million to take a lie detector test to prove her claims, but if she failed she would have to forfeit royalties, past and future. After their conversation, Steven said he never heard anything back from Farrah.” 

 MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERS AFTERMATH OF MIMI’S TAPE – Writer Red Hands of popular website interviewed Mimi Faust this week about her Vivid celebrity sex tape. The writer’s story began: “In life, stuff happens. But, how you deal with it after defines who you are. Standing by your actions and owning up to your mistakes or success is what makes you a real person. Usually, reality TV personalities are fake lames, who will do anything for the spot light. However, there are always exceptions to the rules and Mimi Faust is one of them... Mimi says reaction since the tape’s release has been a mixed bag: “Some negative and some positive. It's just crazy to me people saying things like they thought I was classy and they are disappointed in me. I made love to my man. I don't see anything wrong with it. Someone called me a whore, but am I a whore because I had sex with my man on camera? I had to deal with the tape leaking and I had to make a business decision on what I want to do. What would you do?” She also said Vivid has been helpful to her in handling the public reaction to the tape’s release: “I have called Vivid on many, many late nights... trust me (laughs). They have helped me so much and I beat myself up a lot about this. I have to own it and keep pushing and not let this keep me down.” Bottom line: “I really don't think I did anything wrong. The fact that the tape leaked, I am not happy. I have to stand by what happened and own the situation and move forward. I lost some friends, but I feel like they weren't my real friends anyway. My real friends told me they are behind me 100 percent.”
Among other stories on the Mimi & Nikko Scandal in Atlanta sex tape was one on, which began: “Mimi Faust is standing her ground, y’all. During a recent interview with Hot 97′s morning show, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star stood by her initial statement that her new sex tape with boyfriend, Nikko, was simply a home movie that they made for fun.” Asked how she’ll handle the inevitable question from her now four-year-old daughter: “And when the time comes where Eva may be affected by it, Mimi says she’ll explain things to her. ‘You know, she’ll have to go to school with kids getting stabbed up too, so I’ll explain that to her as well. It’s a whole bunch of other things in this world that are worse than mommy making love to her man.’” Among other media Mimi handled during the week were lengthy interviews on the Sean Green syndicated radio show and on

 XCRITIC.COM HIGHLY RECOMMENDS CAPTAIN AMERICA XXX – reviewer Sex Reed has given Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, ‘highly recommended” review, calling it “campy, but great in its campiness.” Reed concludes his review with this thought: “I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America XXX, despite not being a big comic book nerd. The acting was great, the sex was hot, and I loved the costumes. The film worked both as a parody of a movie just opened, but also as a celebration of comic book heroes (and villains). This looked like the type of film that everyone involved with had a lot of fun, and that came through in the film.”