VIVID CABARET STRIPPERS HIT A ‘NERVE’ – Pop culture website reported on Vivid Cabaret NYC, with extensive interviews of three of the club’s entertainers, Celeste, Kimora and Blake. The story by Jeremy Glass began: “Stepping into the electric interior of the Vivid Cabaret shed some light on the concept of the neon-clad utopian future that so many science fiction movies portray. I tell this to the coat check girl, who laughs at my awe. The club has the city’s tallest stripper pole, a fact I’m reminded of as I see a pair of milky white breasts cascading towards my face. As we walk into the back room, I remind (the entertainers) to talk to me as if I’m just a friend or a non-erection wielding customer. One by one, I’m told about the lives of the dancers of the Cabaret.” The first interview was with Celeste, who told Glass, “I’m from Rhode Island, brought up on a dairy farm, and I moved to New York City, basically to be able to buy some Louis Vuitton and diamonds. Instead of waiting for a man, I wanted to do it for myself. I’m pretty enough. This character I’ve created pays for my life. She pays for my Upper West Side apartment, she pays for my Louis Vuitton, and she pays for my dog’s Louis Vuitton. Somebody once told me I’m like Mother Teresa when I’m not at the club. But here I’m balls-to-the-wall.”  Kimora told the Nerve reporter, “I’ve sat on guys’ laps and they want to take me away from this, but I don’t feel like I have to settle. I hold all the cards. I have all the power and the men don’t. I get a high from it. Being a dancer has really opened me up to everything. I’m myself now and I never hold back.” Blonde Blake said dancing at Vivid will help her realize her dreams: “Dancing is exhilarating. There’s a river in Colombia that’s rainbow colored -- red, yellow, green and blue. People say it’s the most beautiful river in the world and I want to go. One of my dreams is to jump out of a papier-mâché cake with frosting on my body for someone’s birthday. I would love to do that. It’d be so sexy. I don’t have any problem being naked. When I’m dancing, I’m dancing because I like it. I dance for me not that creep in the corner.” 

 CAPTAIN AMERICA XXX GETS ‘HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” REVIEW – A review by XCritic’s Sex Reed gives Captain America XXX: A Porn Parody, a “highly recommended” endorsement. “I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America XXX, despite not being a big comic book nerd,” Reed writes. “The acting was great, the sex was hot, and I loved the costumes. The film worked both as a parody of a movie just opened but also as a celebration of comic book heroes (and villains). This looked like the type of film that everyone involved with had a lot of fun, and that came through in the film.” The debut of Captain America XXX also was covered by 411 Mania, where Steve Gustafson wrote: “Have you seen the new Captain America movie? Did it leave you wanting more? Look no more as Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is available online at and will be in stores nationwide on April 15…The result is an epic sexy spoof that once again has better costumes, more geek cred, and definitely bigger boobs than the original.” And CraveOnline said: “Director Axel Braun’s storytelling style more closely matches the experience of actually reading a comic book than some of his more ‘mainstream’ counterparts.”
Disclaimer: Captain America XXX: an Axel Braun Parody is a PARODY MOVIE”. This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc., Marvel Studios, Marvel Worldwide, Inc. or any other entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.

 TMZ ON LATEST VIVID LETTER TO FARRAH – TMZ reported this week on a new letter to Farrah Abraham from Vivid with the headline: “Vivid to Farrah Abraham: Keep Your Mouth Shut ... OR ELSE” The exclusive staff-written story said: “Vivid Entertainment execs are FREAKED OUT at Farrah Abraham's upcoming book about the sex tape industry ... and they've fired off a letter demanding that she keep her trap shut. Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch has a lot to lose if Farrah blabs about how the porn company courts and signs celeb talent.  Hirsch believes his trade secrets are worth millions ... but only if they remain secret. Farrah's book – ‘Celebrity Sex Tape’ -- is loosely based on her experience in the porn biz which ended in ‘Back Door Teen Mom.’ We're told Hirsch worries Farrah could blow the lid on the way her tape was made with porn star James Deen.  It was marketed as a sex tape, but it's pretty apparent it was Hirsch's brainchild. In Hirsch's letter ... he notes Farrah signed a confidentiality agreement and she can't hide behind thinly-veiled fiction.” TMZ followed up on Thursday with a story that said: “Farrah Abraham wants to air her dirty laundry from the sex tape biz -- not the actual sheets she banged on, but porn industry secrets ... which has one exec worried.  But we're guessing backdoor teen mom, 3 sheets of paper, and a crayon can't do too much damage.” The TMZ story was picked up by hundreds of other entertainment sites.

 LAUNCH OF THE DATING GAME XXX ATTRACTS MEDIA ATTENTION – The headline captured the spirit of the adult industry media coverage of the launch of Vivid’s newest parody: “Vivid Returns to Retro Arena with The Dating Game XXX.” Lila Gray’s headline in Xbiz News was similar: “Vivid Releases Retro Spoof of The Dating Game.´ She reported:”The Dating Game is getting revived yet again, but not the way you remembered it... Vivid Entertainment has announced the release of retro spoof The Dating Game XXX: A Porn Parody, online April 8 and in stores April 22.” All stories mentioned that director Hank Hoffman is following last year's retro-spoof The Newlywed Game XXX with this new send-up The Dating Game XXX, which debuted on Tuesday. In his comedic parody of the long-running show, an ABC TV, a mainstay in the “swinging '60s,” Hoffman has taken its famed sexual innuendo and double entendre a big step further. Never mind just dating; the bachelors and bachelorettes here skip right to the nookie. Michael Vegas plays engaging and charming host Tim Schlang, overseeing the proceedings with contestants Penny Pax, Bailey Blue, Ash Hollywood, Danny Wylde and Tommy Gunn.

Disclaimer: The Dating Game XXX: A Porn Parody is a parody movie.  This video is not to be taken seriously.  This video features a fantasized version of Jim Lange.  This video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Jim Lange, Chuck Barris, the producers or distributors of The Dating Game or any person or entity affiliated with them.

STEVEN HIRSCH QUOTED ON COVERAGE OF RUMORED SEXY DEMI LOVATO PHOTOS – The entertainment media, led by an Egotastic, was abuzz this week about supposed cell phone photos taken of Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama in bed together. Egotastic leaked the photos. VH1 later covered the story, with its “The Gossip Table” show regular Delaina Dixon saying she spoke with Steven Hirsch: “He said all stars are different, but in general they are performers and love people talking about them. She’s a beautiful girl and she shouldn’t be ashamed. And, of course, he wants to see more.”

 ‘JOAN & MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST’ FEATURES STEVEN HIRSCH SEGMENT – The Joan Rivers show “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best” had an amusing segment (Season 4; Episode 1) that featured Joan’s interaction with Steven Hirsch as they discussed the possibility of Joan doing a sex tape, in hopes she could build a Kardashian-style empire (which started with the Kim Kardashian Superstar sex tape starring Kim and Ray J). Joan announces that she is looking for a producer, “and you know who’s going to do it with me? Steven Hirsch, Melissa’s ex boyfriend. He owns Vivid. If I’m going to do a sex tape, I’m going to do it with the best. Steven Hirsch! His movies always go to the top.” She then phones Steven and tells him: “I think I have a great Vivid opportunity.” She arranges to meet Steven and when she walks into the Vivid offices on Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood, she marvels at the stylish décor. “This is Vivid Entertainment, the purveyors of porno? It’s beautiful; it’s so white, so clean. I don’t know what I was thinking…vibrators hanging from the ceiling, lickable wallpaper.” Rivers then tells Steven: “I think I have a great business opportunity for you—a Joan Rivers sex tape. I really, really think there’s a market.” Steven’s answer: “Well, this is kind of weird. I feel like I’m talking to my mother and it’s kind of uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong. It would probably do great. I’m just not sure this is what we would want to do, that this is the best move for my company.” Joan admits she’s never seen an adult movie, so Steven reaches in his desk and hands her a stack of DVDs. He sets it up to visit a set, cautioning her that she will see “people who are having sex for hours and hours.” While on the movie set, Joan talks to Ash Hollywood, who tutors her on appropriate facial expressions and sex positions, including the “pile driver.” Finally, Joan interviews a lineup of male porn stars, each of whom says he would be leery of having sex on camera with a woman in her 80s. The segment ends with a scene of Joan in bed with Ray J. in bed.