VIVID READY TO LOOK AT ALLEGED JFK/RFK/MARILYN SEX TAPE – broke the story this week that Vivid is prepared to see if there is any truth to rumors of the existence of an explicit sex tape “starring” John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. RadarOnline reported the existence of a steamy, never-before-seen reel that was scheduled to be auctioned by the Tulare County Sheriff in California. It was seized as part of a lawsuit involving a man named William Castleberry. Vivid was mentioned prominently in coverage by RadarOnline. The headline on assistant managing editor Jen Heger’s story said: “Marilyn Monroe, JFK & Robert Kennedy 3-Way Sex Tape Could Be Worth $10 Million, Porn King Declares.” 

Heger continued: “The man who made Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (in)famous has his eyes set on a new prize — Marilyn Monroe. Steve Hirsch, the porno king from Vivid Entertainment, has declared that the alleged raunchy orgy sex tape of Monroe, former President John F. Kennedy and young brother Bobby could be worth up to $10 million, if it was to be released.
And he’s prepared to pay $10,000 just for the “privilege” of seeing it! ‘If it’s legit and we can distribute it, it will be a massive bestseller,’ Hirsch told exclusively. The pieces just don’t add up and I’m more than a little skeptical. In fact I want to be the first to screen it and if it’s real I’ll pay $10 thousand just for the privilege of seeing it. What’s the value of the movie if distributed on the open market? $10 million minimum and probably a lot more.”
RadarOnline reported that late Monday, Castleberry was able to pay off the outstanding $200,000 judgment against him and the alleged sex tape, along with other Hollywood memorabilia, was slated to be returned to him.

 MONIQUE ALEXANDER ON PEEPERZ RADIO - Vivid Radio host Monique Alexander was a
guest on PeeperzRadio this week that was promoted with the tag line: “Magnificent and MoniLicious.” She was introduced as “a very popular performer who has had the honor and distinction of being a Vivid Girl and has been rocking the industry for nearly 13 years. In the interview
Monique talks about her future, her potential directing aspirations as well as the possibility of a tell-all book. She also reveals what she would do if she wasn’t in the adult industry. Turns out she would like to be a Weather Girl. She even gives an impressive sample of a steamy forecast! Monique also gives a special message to her fans. Peeperz invited fans to tune in, get turned on and check out the magnificent, monilicious Monique Alexander! PepperzRadio also included an extensive Monique photo album plus an invitation and link to check out more about her radio show here ——–> Listen!

 EXTENSIVE MEDIA COVERAGE OF “CEASE AND DESIST” LETTER – Vivid’s “cease and desist” letter demanding that Farrah Abraham stop making false accusations about being “drugged and raped” continues to enthrall the media. The story was broken by said in its headline: “Doesn't Look Like Farrah Abraham Has Anyone in Her Corner Anymore.” It then followed up with a story by Sarah Taylor under the headline: “All of Farrah Abraham's Faces Are the Same, and That's Why She's Full of Crap.” Taylor wrote: “Have you ever seen a faker crier in your whole entire life? Because I sure haven't, and it's really disheartening that Farrah could seriously think that she's convincing anyone of anything.” also picked up on the tears with a feature by Free Britney proclaiming: “13 Best/Worst Pics of Farrah Abraham Crying: Bring on the Lies, and Tears!” Britney continued: “Farrah Abraham can cry on cue. It's uncanny. Girl bawls like it's her job. Which is basically is, or one of them anyway. Balling James Deen on video is also her job.” and many other entertainment media also covered the cease and desist story. The Wetpaint headline stated: “Farrah Abraham Facing Possible Lawsuit from Adult Film Company Vivid.” Its article continued: “Farrah Abraham has denied being a porn star to anyone who will listen, from her co-stars on Couples Therapy to the paparazzi following her every move, but it seems as though the world may finally have a definitive answer about just how credible her claims that she’s only been an accidental participant in the adult industry really are. The former Teen Mom star has been threatened with a lawsuit by adult entertainment company Vivid, the good folks behind tasteful fare like Kim Kardashian Superstar and Back Door Teen Mom.” The Perez Hilton cease and desist story headline was blunt: “Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Hit With Cease And Desist Letter By Vivid Entertainment After Her Rape Allegations!”
There was additional coverage in US Magazine,, UPI, and dozens of additional websites.