Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Lingerie For Sale On Ebay

From: Fishwrapper.com


If you guys watched MTVs "Being Farrah" last night, then you probably saw what a feces-filled production it was. If you didn't, then you missed a whole lot of bad parenting and grossness, like how Farrah Abraham allows her 4-year-old child to pitch tantrums on screen while throwing things at her mother (for publicity, likely), and how she includes her 4-year-old in every action that her mother has on her schedule for that particular day. ... You know, like going to the aesthetician ("to help make mommy look younger!") and even scheduled trips to her in-house tanning bed, because all that isn't going to damage a sensitive 4-year-old's psyche down the road ... or wait, yeah -- it will. 


Throughout the entire special -- when she wasn't fighting with her mother, that is -- Farrah exhibited poor judgement and general self-centered behavior, and if you thought Farrah was a disgusting person capable of failed attempts at the manipulation of the general public, then you weren't wrong. Nobody is into this, Farrah, just like nobody's into ... buying your body fluid-stained lingerie from your first movie, "Back Door Teen Mom"? Because oh my God, they aren't. You saw it here first! 

Vivid is putting Farrah's former lingerie up for sale on eBay, and it's because they have a brain, and don't want anything Farrah-related hanging around their warehouses. From Vivid's CEO, Steve Hirsch

"Farrah is toxic.  We don't want this anywhere near the office so we decided to get rid of it as soon as possible."

Can't say I blame you, Steve. The thing is probably haunted with the ghosts of a thousand broken dreams and ... well, gross things. Lots and lots of gross, not-completely-dead things. Good luck, y'all! 

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