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Farrah Abraham is really sticking her foot in it lately, and it comes in the putrid forms of "Couples Therapy," her newly-released encore sex tape, and the constant barrage of sound bites about how she wants to release a Christian parenting book, become abstinent, and seek employment in a nunnery ... as a, you know, nun, and not a custodian with huge breasts and a fetish for sex swings. 

Most recently, 
Dr. Jenn Berman
 -- in-house therapist for the aforementioned "Couples Therapy" -- made some comments on Farrah's recovery and porn prognosis, all to the tune that Farrah was being exploited, regurgitating the statement that Farrah made about being drugged and raped during the promotional tour for her first sex tape, "Back Door Teen Mom." 

Vivid's President, 
Steve Hirsch, however, had this to say in an exclusive statement to Fishwrapper about Farrah's constant backtracking and Berman's questionable enabling: 

“It’s surprising to me that a therapist with the credentials of Dr. Jenn Berman would readily believe Farrah Abraham. We find no merit in Farrah’s recent statement that she was 'drugged and raped more than once' while on promotional tour following the release of her sex tape last year. Dr. Jenn could probably be of more benefit to Farrah by helping her to learn to tell the truth."

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