Farrah Abraham Sex Tape #2 To Release Early!

From: Fishwrapper.com

Here it is, y'all -- the moment you've either all been waiting for, or the moment you've been dreading: the exclusive trailer for "Farrah 2: Back Door and More," and it is as raunchy as it comes. ... Get it? See what I did there? "Comes"? ... Never mind. 

Farrah Abraham is still vehemently protesting against this brand-new porno, because of course she is, but the outcry for this insanity has been massive -- the demand for this thing to go live has been so great that Vivid is releasing it early -- you can check out the full, uncensored video at Vivid.com tomorrow morning (Wednesday, February 12th), bright and early, at 12:01 AM PST. 

Happy, scary, hyper-sexed early Valentine's Day indeed.  

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