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Farrah Abraham -- More Shocking News on NEW Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham -- More Shocking News on NEW Sex Tape

Guess who's still a reprehensible human being? Why, your guess is right if you guessed Farrah Abraham, because it's the truth -- Farrah Abraham is a reprehensible human being, and she's also a petty, ridiculous liar. 

Farrah's new -- yes, new -- porno, "Farrah 2: Back Door and More" drops at on February 13th, and in standard Farrah form, she's arguing and debating the very idea that she's not a porn star (hint: she is) to the point where it's getting ridiculous now. 

We talked with Steve Hirsch, Vivid's CEO, who agrees with us. Steve tells Fishwrapper exclusively, "Farrah contradicts herself on so many topics. She keeps saying that she is not a porn star but her actions clearly say she is." 

This is, however, Farrah's schtick, and guys, just when you thought it could only get better, it gets worse -- Farrah took to her Twitter to lament the fact that Smut the Second is on its way out, calling it a "regretfully hard time." No, really, she did:

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