Vivid Studio Insider for August 2, 2013

 AP STORY ON VIVID SUPERHEROES GETS HUGE PLAY – A story by Associated Press reporter John Rogers was picked up by newspapers and websites worldwide last week.  The story began: “We all know he can leap tall buildings in a single bound and bend steel in his bare hands. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that during a time of crisis even the porn industry turns to Superman. The same week in June that Warner Bros. released the Superman blockbuster ‘Man of Steel,’ Vivid Entertainment Group put out its own superhero flick, ‘Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.’"  The story goes on to say: “The porn parody superhero revolution seems to have begun in earnest around 2010, when veteran adult film director Axel Braun, who boasts of having a collection of DC and Marvel comics dating to his childhood, brought his ‘Batman XXX’ film to Vivid Entertainment Group. The company's chief executive, Steven Hirsch, initially wasn't that impressed. But when the film became the biggest-selling and renting video of the year, Hirsch said, he quickly realized there was a core demographic his business was overlooking: comic-book geeks. Soon Vivid was cranking out four to six of the movies a year, timing their release to whenever the mainstream films hit theaters. Production costs can be more than 10 times as high as making a traditional pornographic movie, but the parodies sell for three times as much, Braun said. They are, Hirsch said, the best-selling movies on Vivid TV, ‘after our celebrity sex tapes.’" A Google search on the headline Can superhero parodies rescue the porn business? produced about 407,000 results in 0.56 seconds.

 FOX NEWS STORY ON SUPER-HERO PARODIES ALSO PICKED UP WIDELY – A separate porn parody story last week by Fox News correspondent Hollie Mckay also was very widely republished.  In her Pop Tarts story, Mckay focuses on Axel Braun, noting he “has become most in-demand X-rated director in the world by taking popular super heroes and creating super successful porn parodies. The adult film director has directed more than 400 movies since 1990, but it was his work on ‘Batman XXX: A Porn Parody’ in 2010 that cemented his name when it became the best-selling and most-rented title of 2010. Since then, Braun has released everything from ‘Spiderman XXX: A Porn Parody’ to takes on ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Avengers’ and ‘Iron Man.’  And get this: he doesn’t even film the sex scenes.”  She concludes her story with this quote from Axel: “I have always treated (my job) as a business, not a lifestyle. The most common misconception is that we are all drugged-out, promiscuous sex addicts who could not do anything else in life. While this generalization may hold true for some, I am actually a happily married, monogamous family man with a PhD in Psychology, who does not smoke, drink or do drugs… I’m not sure if I see breaking misconceptions as a responsibility, but hopefully it serves as an example – or at least as a statement of my shamelessly over-inflated ego.”  McKay’s story was also picked up widely, including by The New York Post. 

 MYLA SINANAJ MAKES HEADLINES – There’s plenty of news on the sex tape Kris Humpries’ ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj made and her desire to “be the next Kim Kardashian.”  TMZ quoted Myla as saying: “I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she’s sexy and I look a lot like her so why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?”  TMZ also reported, “Myla fully admits she shot the skin flick for Vivid porn studio—which even hired a Kris Humphries look-alike to bang her silly – saying, “I had a blast that weekend with someone I was attracted to and had chemistry with.”  Vivid has not yet announced details on the movie. 

 VIVID AND SYDNEY LEATHERS – Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner Sydney Leathers met with Vivid’s Steven Hirsch last week and the event quickly fueled reports that she’ll do a sex tape for the company. In a report that was quickly picked up by media around the world, TMZ wrote: Anthony Weiner's sexting partner could be taking her ‘talents’ to video ... 'cause she was seen strollin' around with Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch this weekend -- and we all know how that story ends. TMZ obtained video of Sydney Leathers -- fresh off her beachside bikini romp -- getting into Steve's car as she left the Vivid  porn headquarters in Los Angeles on Saturday. It's unclear if the two struck any kind of a deal ... but c'mon, you don't get in the car unless you're lookin' for a ride. Stay tuned...”   Steven’s comment after the reports surfaced: “We have offered Sydney several options but as of now no agreement has been reached. We hope to get a deal done with her soon.” 

RYAN GOSLING ‘WIN’ IN VIVID/XCRITIC POLL A NEWSMAKER --  News that a sex tape featuring Ryan Gosling would be an instant best-seller -- according to the newest Sex Tracker Survey from Vivid Entertainment and – caught the imagination of media throughout the world.  The survey regularly polls visitors to the website, but the 11th survey was the first to ask which male actors fans would like to see in a filmed sex romp. Gosling led the pack as the favorite of 21.6 percent of the respondents, followed by Brad Pitt with 17.2 percent; Channing Tatum with 15.6 percent, with Matthew McConaughey and Johnny Depp both with 12.7 percent.  Scoring under 10 percent were Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson and Jake Gyllenthaal.  Among the many newspapers and websites picking up the story were The New York Daily News and EOnline. The survey also asked which celebrity couple respondents would like to see in a sex tape and 20.8 percent of the respondents chose Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel, followed by 14.2 percent favoring Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux, 13.2 percent choosing Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, 10.6 percent wishing for a peak at Prince William/Kate Middleton and 8.6 percent desiring a tape featuring Ellen Degeneres/Portia de Rossi. Click Here to view survey.

 ‘NEWLYWED GAME XXX’ NOW ONLINE   - Vivid has released The Newlywed Game XXX: A Porn Parody on The movie will be on sale in stores across the country on August 13th.  Directed by Hank Hoffman, The Newlywed Game XXX marks the first comedy adult parody for Vivid inspired by a TV game show. Hoffman has created his own original spoof version of the TV show that has aired for 47 years. In the parody, Steven St. Croix plays Bob, a failed actor turned game show host, who finds his newlywed guests both amusing and horrifying. He also discovers that couple against couple competition gives rise to unique human interest stories, which lead to hot erotic—or “making whoopee”— scenes between Bob and the four female contestants.Other members of the cast include Penny Pax as Rebecca, Samantha Ryan as Ginny, Adrianna Luna as Meredith, Abby Cross as Lucy, Prince Yahshua as Leon, Seth Gamble as Rico, Tyler Nixon as John and Danny Wylde as Adam.