Vivid Studio Insider For July 26, 2013

 EXAMINER ARTICLE ON KIM KANE FOCUSES ON MAINSTREAM WORK – An interview on about Vivid director/performer Kimberly Kane by music journalist Alison Richter is focused entirely on her career as a photographer. “When she’s not shooting behind the scenes for music videos, fashion spreads and clothing lines, Kimberly Kane explores her love of photography by turning her creative eye toward nature. While most of the world has made the transition to digital — to such an extent that mobile phones are taking over the image-making market — Kane, a traditionalist and confessed romanticist, remains loyal to film.”  Alison reports that a boyfriend introduced Kim to still photography, and “she eventually entered the mainstream world, shooting album covers and portraits. Her work was picked up by Mishka and Blood is the New Black, and now appears both on apparel and as the photographer for models sporting the clothing often inspired by her work.”  In an interview, Kim “discusses her love for film photography, work in film transfer, and her experiences in the music industry and the fashion world.”  Kim says she prefers to shoot in black and white, and does not use a digital camera. “I also romanticize maybe more than I should. I romanticize film and mood and love, and black-and-white photography is really romantic to me.”  Asked if she has every considered shooting a film in black and white, she said she already has done so – a movie she made for Vivid: “I shot a movie called Live In My Secrets that has about 35 minutes of Super 8 film through it, and a lot of that is black and white.”   In the wide ranging interview she also talked about her dog, a three-year-old named Sueno. “He’s a Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix, so basically he looks like a tall Chihuahua. He’s awesome. He’s a brat, very playful and nice, and silky. He sticks his paws in my back when we sleep. I’m a pushover like that! I love that dog. I adopted him from East Valley Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter in Van Nuys. I fully believe in adoption only. Everyone should adopt.” 

 BRAUN WAY AHEAD OF WARNER BROS. - The announcement at the recent Comic-Con that Warner Bros. will feature Batman in its sequel to Man Of Steel drew a “So what?” shrug from fans of superhero adult parodies and from Axel Braun.  That’s because Axel has already done that, in Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. Axel says the Warner Bros. claim is “totally amazing…yet somewhat incorrect.” Warner Bros. could have easily avoided the mistake with a quick look at the Man of Steel XXX trailer: there they are: Superman and Batman, facing off in the rain. MOSXXX stars Ryan Driller as Superman and Giovanni Francesco in a non-sex role as Batman.  “I always seem to be a step ahead of the mainstream studios” says Axel. “And of course I can put out movies at a much quicker pace. Plus, I’m just awesome like that.”   

Here are some other Braun firsts: 

• Braun made Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody; No studio ever dared to adapt the first Marvel/DC crossover.
• Braun picked Electro as the villain in his Award-winning Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody, and now, two years later, mainstream is doing it. 
• When Braun’s version of the Wonder Woman costume went viral, it was universally declared far better than the one in David E. Kelley's failed TV pilot. 
• Braun and Vivid were first out with She Hulk XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. 
• In Iron Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Braun had The Mandarin as the main villain, and comic sites agreed that it was a better version of the character than the one seen in the mainstream version. And at least it WAS The Mandarin.  
• For his upcoming Wolverine XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, Braun put the hero in his classic blue and yellow costume, something Hugh Jackman still hasn’t worn despite having portrayed the much-beloved character in already six movies.

DISCLAIMER: All movies referenced in this press release are adult PARODY MOVIES. These movies are not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with any entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the works being parodied.

CNBC QUOTES STEVEN HIRSCH IN PORN DATA ARTICLE – Reporter Chris Morris turned to Vivid’s Steven Hirsch for insight in an article he wrote this week for CNBC titled “Debbie does data: Porn gets statistical.”   The premise of the article: “The adult entertainment industry is experiencing another big moment, and again, content format is critical to the changes taking place. Data analysis is entrenched in many multibillion-dollar industries as they search for new ways to reach customers and create and sell better products to them, but when it comes to porn, many of the big players remain divided on whether the use of data is critical to keeping eyes on their product.”  Morris says companies are paying more attention to uses of data, recognizing the potential increases in both revenue and user "dwell time" on their sites.  He writes: “Industry giant Vivid also keeps a close eye on user data. ‘We run internal analysis on our proprietary data sets and aggregate industry data,’ said Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of the company. ‘From this analysis, we're able to make decisions on our company's direction and keep our finger on the pulse of the adult industry. We leverage several analytical softwares, internal databases, third-party industry-specific analysis, competitive insight and strategic advice to move our technology, user experience and customer satisfaction forward.’"